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  • choochoofan choochoofan Jun 20, 1999 4:40 PM Flag

    lyindog-you are...

    pretty much on the money about the baby boomers
    not saving much.For every one person trying to
    prepare for retirement I probably know ten who aren't-and
    that's probably a low figure.My son recently came into a
    fair amount of money.Before he could even think about
    a new s.u.v.(or in his world a new pickup)we got it
    all invested-the broker gave him one hell of a pep
    talk about investing.If he "stays the coarse" he will
    be thankfull down the road.

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    • He is going to get taxed out the wazoo by our
      government as the save nots demand more of his "ill gotten"
      cash. Just because people are irresponsible and selfish
      doesn't mean they shouldn't live just as well as the next
      guy in retirement. Your son's savings will be needed
      to pay for an ever expanding universe of programs
      brought to you by compassionate liberals. Free
      prescription drugs is only the latest giveaway we can't
      afford, but what a great issue for Dick Gephart to
      demagogue. These are the facts of life you need toexplain to
      your son.

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      • has their own opinion on matters of money.With
        this situation though he has a start that very few 19
        yr. olds have.Just to clarify-I don't save every dime
        I make either.When he is done with his national
        VICA. competition it will be time to hit the work
        force.I told him to invest half and spend half on all the
        "toys" he wants.Then he can have his guns,fishing
        gear,suv,Lionel train collection etc.... like somebody he knows.
        By the way - if I had the power to change much of
        what goes on in politics I would.Have a good day.

      • I was sure that it was the republican party that
        has controlled both houses of Congress for the past 8
        to 10 years or so. I have noticed that even when
        they have a cohort in the WH, they
        don't really
        move in the way of reform. Neither party does. They
        keep their powder dry and keep their baliwick happy.
        But what do we do? VOTE i guess. Only thing we can
        do. Throw the rascals out if they deserve it, reelect
        them if the do good. Remember, one mans pork is
        another mans feed. The hiway you may be driving on might
        just be the joke that your senator or congressman
        recieved in exchange for his/her vote on something.

        Thats politics, as was and always will be.
        Just a
        note for vacation Tuesday.
        Doc from Michigan

    • Give him a look at a future value chart, and his
      eyes will bug out. He is on the right track. My father
      left me a decent piece of Iowa farm ground, and there
      is not the world's greatest return on farm land, but
      I love to go down there in the late summer
      afternoons and spray a few thistles, cut some weeds and walk
      around - last week I kicked three buck deer with large
      velvet hat racks out of the two acres of game reserve.
      Many of my friends cannot understand why I have not
      sold the land and "enjoy life" which to them means big
      boat, his and her snowmobiles, his and her motorcycles,
      a camping trailer and a four wheel drive pickup to
      pull it. Yep, enjoying it must mean spending it -
      especially on things that others also have. I manage to
      spend most of the rent income each year, but still find
      an extra sheckle or two to stick away in a stock
      from time to time - it is the consistency that seems
      to pay off best for this fellow. Keep your son on
      the straight and narrow!!! Good for you - and
      especially good for him as he ages.

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      • Thats it in a nutshell.
        I speak to the young
        pups up here about the 401k that CSX has. The
        ownership of a home. Savings. I get that dull, toneless
        look of dread. I guess they want the "finer" things.
        I'd take 80 acres of farm here in Southern Michigan
        in a heartbeat over a new truck and the other toys.

        Oh well, you can lead a horse to water. You sure
        can't make him surf!
        Doc from Michigan

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