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  • therealrvp therealrvp Mar 31, 2004 3:18 PM Flag


    What work there is for Shell in such exotic locations as far as the Pacific's Micronesia; what an area for research, for good Shell staff and what a thought for the investor. What's more this area has been around a long time; certainly post 1980's. Good way to enjoy excellent sun tans, get expatriate on personal Curriculum Vitae and even make a nice bank balance for little children at home to use; but I am sure the competition for such work must have straw polls and such selection criteria. Part of 20% recoverable from here?; certainly an area to look at but with the 'Asset Souls'.


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    • Agree with sentiment of not giving anything to the likes of these apparently talented to themselves whizkids Strawson and Barry; they are probably the evil Batman and Robin for all we know. Keep your research to yourself and away from this Board, facts_star or therealrvp or whatever your name is (you are no longer nineteen!) and keep clear.

      FSM are made of four main islands and wow , what a find. Well done for your research anyhows. Good luck.

    • Thanks for bringing this to the fore,indeed one of my areas of interest. FSM as they are regularly called have only Tuna fishing as their main source of income and yes there is opportunity for Shell in this area and especially with technology.

      The unfortunate thing is that the sun tans and the expatriate status and the promotion will probably go to with 'Andy called his chub mate Mike for a nice little earner'.

      Well done for this revelation.


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      • Ha ha ha ha ha.........
        Listen, you do not need to give any information on this Board to impress. Many people know many areas around the continents,oceans and landmines full of potential; well that's the way that racist moron would have answered you and from some of the notes that I have on Barry.....he would tried to confuse peoples with words like 'forsaken, hedonistic....'. Listen the excellence of your work in oil and away from Shell, will always be reduced with the wrong companies. Give your work to the peoples that matter; even overseas.I know you would never assume friends; never assume compatriot and there is a difference, trust me. The likes of the Strawson, Barry would show you as patronising, demeaning,grovelling.............
        You have a legal problem too, plaguerising is rife; security is the game; learn; do not give anything; and absolutely, I mean nothing. The courts thrive on mistakes; those morons strive on their own mistakes and with plenty of sugar right to their bottom gut. But you're right, it's the fantastic earth resources in store, the unexplored, the uncharted, the adventure, in fantastic places that drive attitudes, happiness, positivity, oil prices, jobs, investment, and make companies like Shell what they are.....................................

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