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  • rick3568 rick3568 Mar 28, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    Chipper - Response

    thanks for your response. I thought I would post in a new file with yahoo being garbage and all. Yes I do have specific questions for the board about Star but I will address them in a separate post for clarity. Rather I thought I would address my recent change in thought towards Star as an investment.
    My view of stocks is often from the short term perspective. I find swing trading to be much more profitable and thus my view is often concerned with the short term. With short term swing trading there are often gross over-exaggerated moves, and I grab the middle. I find this preferable (and more predictable) than buying and holding which is more at risk to unknown factors both within the company, as well as outside factors (eg global events). That aside, up until recently, I did view Star as a solid long term speculative investment.

    So why do I comment on this? Because I find that those traders that tend to be long term in thinking tend to ignore the short term. In fact they don’t want to know about the short term – they often view it as a distraction to their investment. Even worse, some investors take a “holier than thou” attitude towards short term investors – as if there is some sort of virtue in remaining invested for the long term. Im in it for the long haul, blah blah. Commitment is a virtue in life, but not with investments. What you should really be committed to with investments is your STRATEGY not a stock. And here in lies the rub for many long term investors. Their ”virtue“ (commitment to a stock) becomes their downfall because they often don’t have a strategy to get out. Their only strategy is “Im in Stock X for the long haul or until $100 a share”. Bad bad bad. Why Bad? Because then it becomes like the old adage of a frog in boiling water. Drop the frog in hot water, and it jumps out. Drop it in cold and turn on the heat and it dies – the gradual shift in temperature is not noticed in time.

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