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  • mensa_1963 mensa_1963 Feb 22, 2014 7:03 PM Flag

    L-DOPS has more uses than a Common Screw Driver...

    I spoke with a Japanese pharmacist going to school with my wife. Unfortunate he has to take American Classes and pass our test even though he has practiced for 20 years back in Japan. I asked him about L-Dops and he said fantastic drug, very little side effect and doctors in Japan have been using it form everything including psychopharmokinetics to pulmonary stimulation. I asked him about my theory of utilizing l-Dops instead of barbituates for Neuralgia. Not only have they been using it for that like I thought but Fibro-Neuralgia as well. I was floored when he said that... Do you realize the market for this drug? This is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. No wonder Europe *Shire, want s apiece of the action. My gut tells me a competitor sees the opportunity though and buys CHTP to start the loyal MD user base before Shire. Not just for Northera but as a shopping bag for other pharmaceuticals. They don't like shopping around...IMO

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