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  • juanzster juanzster Feb 8, 2005 2:59 PM Flag

    Disgruntled shareholders

    We haven't heard much from them either. Are they all now happy with the dismal performance of this stock or have they just lost the will to post? I still see $55 soon.

    I'll bet Big Dick is both a gruntled employee and a gruntled shareholder. Multi million dollar pay packages just seem to put smiles on people's faces.

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    • bunrabbit

      I can appreciate your disappointment, but there is a bright side to your situation. The fact that I am not the target of your flurry does not mean that you should not unload. It is not the reception of the information that makes the difference, but the release. It matters not who is listening -- a paid shrink, a friend, an anonymous person, a significant other, or even the actual target � it matters that you let go of all the frustration, anger, and crap that may be clouding your future. Speaking your piece is truly speaking your peace. Blurt out all the pent up crap any way you can � writing it out is usually the most effective � that�s why this board can be helpful. Even though I am not the one you are aiming at, I can play the role and help you move forward. The fundamental theory here is that regardless of what you say directly or indirectly to the person of your disgust, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THAT PERSON � YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF AND ESPECIALLY YOUR ATTITUDE ABOUT YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

      As for the future of UP; this company has a destiny and is playing out its role. It will chug along as long as there are enough captive freight customers to use its services. This has been a time-tested reality. It took over 100 years to get to this point, and it will likely take 100 years to get them to the next level.

      The key is for interested people to get the ideas for favorable interventions on the table. Then be patient and allow time for the decisions makers to pick them up and make believe that these are their ideas. That�s not necessarily common human nature, but it sure is the UP nature.

    • thanks. railroaders like to see things done safely and efficiently in this tough industry. ergo, they get bullshit when things are only run for the pocketlining few upstairs. if you never lived the life, it is hard to fully comprehend. the environment breeds individuality. i don't own this stock but appreciate those who know the truth about this company. jmho.

    • No, I do not work for UNP. I buy distressed stocks, with salvage value, using a long term perspective. Things can only get better. If they don't, we can rip up the tracks, and create the longest golf course in the US. It would be more valuable than the current RR.

    • You need to go to Yahoo finance and type in unp, then go to basic chart, type in BNI to compare with unp, then click max. You will see that unp has been basically flat for 20 years, while bni has soared. You could have put your money in BNI, or almost any other investment would have been smarter. Do you work for UP?

    • 2/15/05

      nhs792.."if you honestly believe everything you said, sell the stock (UP stock) ,take your loss or gain, & reinvest in something that will meet your expectations..."

      Already been there, done that...long ago...when the stock price was above where it is now..

      (only UP stock left is what was given to employees after the 97/98 meltdown, given to employees as a "thank you" from Davidson for pulling his backside out of the mud in the wake of the SP debacle...

      That particular option hasn't gotten to a level yet where it's practical or profitable to cash in...hence, it's still out there...)...

      You don't have to tell a longterm retired UP employee about diversification.. most everybody on the UP realizes diversifying themselves in their 401k's is necessary...those unfortunate enough to have had everything wrapped up in UP stock lost big time... however, I knew many of my fellow coworkers who got caught by you don't have to tell UP employees anymore about diversifying...

      and, yes, just for the record...I believe that the UP is a poorly run and managed company and I don't invest in those kinds of companies...

    • Repeating......... I can't pull out the money for 20-30 years, and I expect to see improvement by then.

    • There doesn't seem to be one person whose posted in the last week who has anything good to say about the company. Virtually every poster does nothing but whine about how badly the company is run, how incompetant everybody is, how hopeless things are, nothing but gloom and doom and negativity.

      Why in heaven's name do you own this stock?

      If you really believe all this stuff y'all are spewing out, how stupid could you be to UP stock? If its as bad as you say it is, if you honestly believe everything you said, sell the stock, take your loss (or gain) and reinvest in a nice dot com or something that will meet your expectations.


    • 2/15/05

      Devind69..."I do see many in the lower ranks trying but they are frustrated and secretly say to themselves "fuk this"..."

      devind69...well said... accurate, to the point, dead on right...and probably the most insightful thing I've read on this board...

      again...WELL SAID...

    • 2/15/05

      rrinfoguy..well, first off, thank you for your concern about my health, and your concern that by stating myself on this board, I'm releasing that pent up frustration and anger of being a long term UP employee...Believe me ,rrinfoguy, I was VERY disappointed you were NOT the guy that I thought you were..if you had been, I was getting ready to have a field day with you on this board...and really release some pent up anger/frustration...but, sadly , you say you aren't the guy...too bad, I was really looking forward to doing some heavy duty unloading on a finally level playing field...(while working as an active UP employee) & (again, on the premise you were the guy I thought you were) while I worked you were always my superior..I was smarter than you but, you always had the power and abused, thru this board, the playing field could have been leveled, and I planned to unload on you and show you what power is all about...but, again, you say you are NOT the, end of story...guess that frustration just will have to stay pent up...(again, if you're not the guy, you're not the guy...)

      Now, as for releasing pent up emotion, let's just say that if any of the current senior management team were to be walking down the opposite side of the street from me, I would jaywalk my way to their side just for the opportunity to spit on, that would unleash some pent up anger/frustration...

      Since the spitting is not available to me..guess I'll just use this msg release that pent up anger...

      As for your thought that maybe a current decision maker might be watching this board, and by virtue of suggestions/recommendations by anybody on this board, that might, by some chance, influence their day to day decision making...don't count on it...

      I stood up in meetings in OMahagod for years with documented evidence of service failures, unmet customer expectations and the causes thereof for those unmet customer expectations, and , was hopeful that by doing my homework & providing evidence from the field, I would get some Omahagod power applied to those same problem areas to bring customer satisfaction back in line...instead, I was told I was only a low level management employee, didn't know the big picture, and , in a round about way, was given the inference that people like me should be lucky they even had a job...

      So, don't expect any changes to UP 's way of doing things as a result of some senior executive reading this board...senior UP executives aren't concerned about this board...they are still trying to figure out how to get their next million courtesy of dear ole Union them anybody who post on this board negatively , in their minds, is surely an old retired guy like me (with pent up anger and frustration) or a disgruntled employee..."who is lucky to just have a job..."

      True, many on this board including myself, have brought forward keen insight into what the problems are and given some vision of what needs to be done to improve things on the UP..but, most probably, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, none of the posters on this board have enough UP stock to vote to get anything, until somebody has enough shares to influence the Board of Directors to make badly needed changes, nothing is going to happen as long as Tricky is around..there's an ole say we all know..."Money talks, everything else walks...."

    • OK- Now we're starting to agree. You are telling me what I had long suspected, but didn't know for a fact. Upper Management is behind the times. The world has changed, and they haven't. That explains why they didn't reinvest 10 years ago, when they should have. They didn't see the huge Asian Trade opportunity coming. we are now suffering the consequences. What's the solution?

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