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  • hophop6 hophop6 Jun 8, 2007 10:57 AM Flag

    Superb read:

    Everyone who's sick of this spamming asshole, please pile on. Hit his posts with a one-star rating, but go the extra mile: take a few moments to check the ID's other posts, and hand out some more single stars. The spammers are now recommending their own posts, so don't stop at three.

    If you also copy & post this message wherever you find the spammer's spoor, you can help spread the word to other people on other boards.

    A lot people are doing this already, and it's consuming more and more of the spammer's time just to keep up.

    With hundreds of determined spam troopers taking out his garbage as fast as he can spew it, he's toast. No audience for his posts means no more nickels for the scumbag.

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