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  • cenpacr cenpacr Feb 15, 2011 2:09 PM Flag

    UP wasting millions maintaining 2 routes

    over the Sierras!Feather River route should be closed east of Keddie(It is over ioo miles and 6-8 hours longer than the direct Donner route!)

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    • 'cenpacr' - originally you posted on wanting the ex-WP line closed between Keddie and Weso, as you have on several other railroading web sites.

      As you probably know the Roseville Sub over Donner Summit has been closed for about 2 days due to heavy snow and one large snowslide/avalanche. The rotaries have been called out of Roseville and it is slow-going for them to get the line reopened. There is still a lot of work to complete before the line reopens.

      What this means is that there is NO rail traffic over The Hill and ALL trains are being diverted across the ex-WP line through the Feather River Canyon. This means trains are running between Keddie and Weso, across the Canyon and Winnemucca Subs.

      This is why the ex-WP is so vital for operations, otherwise NOTHING would be moving across the Central Corridor.

      Those poor dispatchers are trying to get numerous trains across their territory and several with bad power. Last night there were at least 6 dead trains between Oroville and Keddie, which means plugged sidings.

      I hope this gives you a little more insight to the need of having the ex-WP line in operation.

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      • Cascade,

        Great Post!

        Its a financial drain on Union Pacific to keep both lines open, but just like I discussed some time ago, thats a strategic national asset. And just like now, land slides and other disasters can happen to close the line down completely.

        What if there was a major earthquake knocking it out for several months?

        Union Pacific is blessed being alowed to own both lines. Had the ICC been in a position to stop UNP buying WP back then, they would have.

        Southern Pacific would have eventually filed bankrupcy and became another Rock Island/Milwaukee Road had Union Pacific not bought them.

        What an incredible and important franchise!

    • It provides a spectacular tourist route for starters, and an alternate route in case an incident closes down the other line. Logistically its an insurance policy.

      Property tax wise, its not a blessing to the railroad.

      Should the company decide to abandon the route, california should take it over as both a tourist line and regional freight traffic line.

      We are back to 1869 now. Railroads have to put more skin in the game.

      Good luck!

    • So you're saying someone "are were and and or are not a Maintenance of way worker on the UP".

      I'm not sure what to make of this....are you calling this person a drunk, a schizophrenic, or unemployed?

    • Obviously you are were and and or are not a Maintenance of way worker on the UP. I was, and I can tell you a new hire will very likely have to travel all over the system nowadays, while the pay is somewhat reasonable, the working conditions are not, I guess the only people that post on this board are ex train service folks.

    • or maybe not.

    • Is 2003 just two years ago???
      You are the arrogant idiot. At least I admitted that the other railroads not doing what UP has done over the last few years in keeping workers.
      To you the 3000 jobs that UP added does not compute in your little brain.

      Go back to your Suncor site where you can insult other people with your useless postings.

      Like I said before a UP/CP merger is not in the cards right now. I am just not a fool like you who thinks it is impossible to happen in the future when CP needs money to develop the tracks into the Powder River Basin. Oil is around $100 a barrel which makes coal a more viable commodity to the rest of the world.

      Get off your high horse and listen to what other people say. Maybe you might learn something.

    • You are pathetic. You say railroads, you menat UP. You say 5 or 6 years, you meant 2. You say A but you meant B.

      The data ends in 2009 because that's the end of the data. It was published 5 months ago.

      You saisd the last 5 or 6 years, now it's just the last 2, the 2 for which there's no industry data yet. Riiiggghttt.

      And not a peep about those labour contracts...I guess that's your way of saying that you're either too lazy to actually do any DD and look it up, or that you did look it uo but you didn't like that answer either.

      I'll take the former for $400, Alex.

    • Unfortunately the data ends in 2009. UP increased hiring in 2010 and 2011. One thing that I forgot to consider is that other railroads in 2009 chose to lay off a lot of employees while UP kept many employees that would have been layed off on Auxiliary boards.
      In 2003 which was the start of the hiring boom UP had 46,371 employees. Even in 2009 which was a low point for UP before they started hiring again they had 49,531. That is over 3,000 employees more.

    • From the Association of American Railroads, Sept. 14, 2010

      U.S. Class 1 Railroads
      Total Number of Employees:

      2006 - 167,581
      2007 - 167,216
      2008 - 164, 439
      2009 - 151,906

      I'm "flat out" what now, Mr. Stats?

      So I'll let you look in to Canadian rail labour agreements for could use the practise.

    • 1.Well you are flat out wrong. Hiring over the last five or six years has dramatically increased as railroads have taken market share from truckers at a fast pace. Why do you think the railroad sector has outperformed almost all other sectors over the last five years?

      2.Canadian contract agreements are very similar to the U.S. agreements. There are minor differences but nothing major.

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