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  • expstktrader expstktrader Dec 7, 2011 10:35 AM Flag

    What Did I Say...Going to $9.00 ST

    Slow bleed down every day unfortunately. NT chart shows $9.00 then will re-evaluate. Could drop hard to $8.50 as I said two weeks ago friends.

    Looking for another HF slam down at any time like we saw yesterday and I know I warned you about this as well as was called a liar.

    The HOT money exited this stock over $11.50 folks.


    PS Today: Sold my TZA and shorted a few others like AKS with size for a quick trade.

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    • you're right, they're not the same company but usually they will trade the same until profits and cashflow create a support for the stock

    • when you wrestle with a pig shill... things get dirty

    • This same situation happened with another company called Quest Rare Minerals (QRM) trading on the amex.

      Back in the spring 2011, that stock was at an all time high of $8. Reasons include:

      1.) Huge revenue potential
      2.) Prices of rare earth's at all time highs
      3.) Demand for heavy rare earth minerals

      Shortly after that, the stock started to tumble. Reasons include:

      1.) Production starts at 2016
      2.) High project cost of around $1 billion
      3.) Permitting requirements and other studies have yet to be completed
      4.) Cash of only around $ 50M
      5.) Prices of rare earth prices dropped
      6.) General market conditions

      Do you see the similarties with LNG?

      In my opinion the only reason this stock dropped only $3 from it's high of around $12 is because natural gas prices in asia haven't started to decline.

      Overtime i will be long on LNG but i will short it first.

    • Shill.... scumbag... hypster.... POS

    • as opposed to a shill like you just tryin to rope em in

    • @ heres_your...

      i have read your posts over and over, and all you do is defend something you know nothing about obviously. Mrkts are forward looking, and LNG is no different. Although new deals undoubtably help their future and potential, nothing can help their financing needs besides a huge dillution or debt/equity swap and everyone knows it. That is why the shorts aren't worried, at all, b/c it is going to be a ridiculous figure. I have owned this stock for a long time, but had to sell the news a month ago b/c now the focus shifts to financing. And if in fact you knew anything about what you are defending, your tone and posts might reflect that.

    • The question you fail to answer and can't answer is what kind of debt or dilution will be necessary to fund your next BS hype PR

      Dilution drives share price down.... which requires further dilution...

      Death spiral financing

    • it's a hot potato, stopped out monday morning. like lng at 9, but luv it at 8.50ish. gl

      PS covered short osur yesterday, rats. long alj this morning.

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      • In TZA yesterday, sold a load this am on the POP.

        Currently covered some LNG here. Need some buying power. This one is dead for now. I need momentum up or down. A slow bleeder though.

        Was in 10,000 in $5 range and sold on the huge SQUEEZE for some serious cash, then shorted it around $11.50.

        I fear a secondary is coming but have lots of gains here once again.

        Have been trading Long GLNG (out), TZA (out) RBCN, MW, and LULU now

    • I just looked at the charts and with no news or catalyst this thing will tap $8.75 per my charts and I am rarely wrong about these matters.

      Be fearful here. The volume and tape is slow (being propped up artificially) and is not moving up with strong conviction buyers, so when a strong HF wants to slam this thing hard they will do so in a heart beat.

      EXP - Former WS Trader

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