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  • heres_your_signs heres_your_signs Aug 28, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    Today is just like so many other days

    Why is it that idiots keep posting on this message board? Today it started out with ukmike8 and of course a couple of wiffmyanus aliases twohander44 and hardbrownbone joined in. I guess when there are idiots everywhere they just cannot be avoided.

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    • #$%$ butt breath. you and your purrinkitty alias can get down on your knees and gargle.
      You are the biggest waste and distraction this board has. Always accusinng others of multi aliases when you are the one
      I would be more then willing to compair portfolios with you in person so you have to cut'your #$%$

      • 1 Reply to wiffmyanus
      • The only name I post under on this message board is the one I am posting with right now. I am not pukinkitties despite your delusion that I am. You on the other hand are nothing but a POS wiffmyanus. No one is more sick and disgusting than you. By posting with all the many different aliases that you use you make a mockery of this message board. Posting crap and then using one of your other aliases to back it up is a friggen farce. I have never seen a bigger POS joke than you wiffmyanus. Well maybe except for that friggen a_s_shole germspreader. It is a toss up which of you is the worst. But you are the one polluting this message board now so you get my vote as being the biggest POS joke around.

    • These guys are not even traders just bored idiots trying to cause havoc among serious traders. It's sad but true

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