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  • wiffmyanus wiffmyanus Dec 28, 2012 8:41 PM Flag

    This is going to be a long weekend

    It scares the #$%$ out of me that we have to depend on such incompetent
    people as we have in Washington. The stock market is effected by every
    word those clowns say. They should not be allowed to get in front of TV cameras
    and open their mouths. They just like the coverage and do not care about the
    damage they cause.
    I always thought of myself more republican then democrat because I think we
    should work for our money. After having Bush for 8 years I decided I think they
    are all bad. Obama is a head case. He is all about himself. At least Clinton
    could bring sides together and compromise.

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    • How would you think Obama is a head case? Maybe you should another word to explain your feelings or opinions. To me, one thing that Obama is not is a head case. You may want to call him something else, but head case is not one of them. In fact, I do not know of any recent President that were head cases.

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      • You haven't noticed when something goes right it is always "I did this, I did that".
        Nobody else gets credit. He bad mouthed the Seal team and wanted to break them up,
        but as soon as the military got Bin Laden it was how he was the one. he did not
        plan anything but wanted to take all the credit.
        Do you think Bill Clinton would have handed over this fiscal cliff problem and tell the senate and the house to solve it? No he would have worked out a compromise and moved on. I say that and I am not a democrat.
        I am not saying Obama is the cause of all this, but anybody who can not see the problems in Europe and not see us heading down the same path is incompetent. Entitlement is way over done in this country and our kids and grand kids are going to have to pay the price for what these guys decide now.

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