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  • wiffmyanus wiffmyanus Jan 10, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    Please for the love of God

    Do not answer or agree with any of my posts.
    I am tired, dog tired, of every post that I get a response
    to being claimed by heres_your_sign of being another
    alias. The only ones he does not accuse me of being
    are his three.
    By the way so far the FB recommendation has not been bad.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Still waiting for your answer wiffmyanus aka many other aliases so where is it?

    • BTW wiffmyanus I have also said you use aliases twohander44 and foolfinder45. Funny how those 2 aliases also have a mysterious gap in postings between mid November and mid December? Just like the other aliases I have said you use. Care to explain or dispute those as well? There are others but that is enough for now. Enough to make my point. I will be waiting for your answer wiffmyanus aka many other aliases.

    • Then explain the complete absence of postings from mid November to mid December in all of the aliases I accuse you of using. If you can do that to my satisfaction then I will lay off. But I highly doubt you will be able to that makes any sense. Besides there are other things that link those aliases all to the same person. And that would be YOU wiffmyanus. BTW as I have pointed out before you have NEVER been able to show that I use more than the 1 alias I am using now. Until you can and do your claim that I use 3 aliases has no merit. Unlike my claim that you use many different aliases. Which I have provided solid evidence to show it. You want to keep up this charade go ahead. And I will keep pointing it out. Give it up and I will stop. It is as simple as that. Do you understand wiffmyanus?

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