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  • jpegwmv jpegwmv Feb 6, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Technical indicators look for a significant pull back

    First - the Slow Stochastic has never been up this long - in other words - longest bull run in the stock's history, Why? Soon the Cramer effect will evaporate...

    Second, order book shows a lot more for sale just above last trade than offers just below last trade - ominous sign.

    Though the long term outlook for this stock is positive - it is way above it's trendline right now...

    Careful there people....

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    • The only ominous sign is your bank statement when you cover for shorting this stock.

    • Technically, the trend is clearly higher. No ambiguity in this chart. There is no resistance in this stock until $30 is tested which I believe it will do at some point this year. If you want to fight the trend based on historical stochastic comparisons be my guest. Makes zero sense to fade this move but have at it.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I have held other stocks, and just because Cramer makes some comments, it doesn't usually result in the kind of things that have been going on with LNG of late. You can maybe say his comment has some influence for a day, or a few hours, but I think everyone who has bought has done so for reasons that outweigh the idea that it may be overbought, butso what? Amazon has pullbacks, but it has been overbought literally for years, but do the investors care? No, they just keep on buying..Another stock, SBAC, samething, they are usually not reporting making any money, I have been following them and in and out since .30, right now it is around $70, they have a ton of free cash flow, commentators are always pointing fingers about their earnings, do investors care? No, they are still buying...There could be some pullback, but I am not looking for anything more than $1-$2

    • I am in it for the long term jpegwmv. That is how one builds significant real wealth.

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