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  • hardbrownbone hardbrownbone Feb 17, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    I figured out the problem heres-your-sign

    you just don't like anybody who is smarter or does not agree with
    your opinions. While I agee with what you have to say about LNG
    it is the only stock you seem to know about. When other stocks
    are brought up, even with OT in the header, you come unglued and
    start screaming at the poster. Sorry you brian is limited to one stock
    but I like to hear from others what they have to say also. That is what
    these boards are here for. To share ideas. Then it is up to the individual
    if they want to look into it or not.
    I do not have the time to talk or willing to put the effort into talking with
    you any longer. WIsh you luck in your LNG, but seriously dude, go get
    some help.

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    • Wow hardbrownbone you sound just like wiffmyanus. Well that stands to reason since you ARE wiffmyanus. One of the 14 different aliases you use that I know of. As for who is smarter I think it is evident based on the way you act and how you like to play your childish multiple alias games that you are clearly not that smart. And the fact that I have shown that you use 14 different aliases while you have yet to show that I use any alias other than the one I am using right now even though you SAY I use two others only proves that I am smarter than you. Way smarter. As for whether LNG is the only stock I know about you are way off base there and have no basis for saying that. You do not know what I know about other stocks so you obviously are wrong to say such a thing. As for other stocks brought up on this message board I really do not care. The one time I got on you when you did that was because I wanted to give you some #$%$. Because I hate your sorry pathetic behavior on this message board and would love nothing better than to see you kicked off. All 14 of the aliases you use here.

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