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  • martys131 martys131 Apr 5, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Jones Act a detriment to LNG users economy

    If there were a partial amendment to the Jones Act with a floating formula based on US usage, it would relieve our imports from places like Algeria to the Northeast and reduce costs for US manufacturers and heating (commercial and residential) while creating competitive jobs, and leaving more discretionary net income to spend. As for CNG as a fuel for trains, trucks and autos or to be delivered to areas such as the northeast by train or trucks, keep in mind that they cannot go in tunnels, garages and coverd stations because of the danger. Can work in open areas of the country. Ships to coastal terminals would be most helpful, even needing terrorist protection going into harbors and up rivers to inland terminals.

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    • You're not serious. With all the money/profit involved in moving LNG, you posit that the cost of wages for US Merchant Marines is an impediment? Who better to transport LNG from one US port To another than the highly qualified and trained US Merchant Marines (White Caps)?. Algerians? Greeks? Pakistanis?

      Or is it the shipbuilders that your after?

      (the Jones Act requires US port to part shipments to be transported on US manufactured vessels manned by US Merchant Marines)

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      • Tell me what US laid keels with US crews are now delivering LNG from US plant to US ports. I don't think you'd be taking away any US jobs in the shipping but would be creating land jobs and increasing use of US gas rather than foreign product now brought in on foreign ships. Mind I used the word "partial" so allocations could be used to maximise our benefits and minimise excesses which might be detrimental, eg how about, but not necessarily, allowing rentals of foreign made keels on a need basis if registered in US? Does it make sense to send our gas overseas and import foreign product for our own use? Pipelines cannot now handle all our needs and talk is to dramatically increase the use of gas on truck, car & train engines.

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