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  • jj4413420 jj4413420 Jun 13, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

    Samsung qualifies 32-nm high-k foundry process

    A top story on EETimes late last week. With positive developments at Samsung's foundry business (Apple A4 processors, full production of Xilinx 45nm part, winning Xilinx 28nm high-perf,low-pwr business, etc), the question remains: How much does this benefit PDFS?

    Better yet: How much does PDFS benefit Samsung? How much do they benefit their other customers?

    From last conf call:

    <Q>: Okay. That's fine. I've got a couple more, I'm sure you'll answer them quick. This is in regards to another press release you guys did. This was April '09. You talked bout the Samsung engagement on your YA-FDC. Subsequent to that I watched the Samsung foundry news and they seem like they are making pretty good progress. It sounds like they've gotten the iPhone, some of those processors, they've got the iPad A4. We're here trying to ascertain where -- is PDFS helping in this success, and so anything you can comment on there would be appreciated.

    <A - John K. Kibarian, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer>: Yes, it's a good question. You are right. We do have a joint development agreement with Samsung on some applications for YA-FDC. We are very careful about never talking about clients [inaudible] ramps or who is paying us wafer fees and thus are basically using our technology on a particular node, unless, of course, they've put out something that says something with respect to that. So I'll talk the specifics of that particular press release and the work we're doing with them on that. We really aren't in a position that we would talk about anything we may or may not be doing with them.

    <Q>: So are you allowed to say, we are still engaged with them and we are still there? That's probably the simplest -- or no?

    <A - John K. Kibarian, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer>: I think we can say that that joint development agreement is still ongoing and we still have work with them in that regard, and we may or may not have work that is revenue generating outside of that engagement and that we won't talk about.


    Anyone speak "Kibarian"? Perhaps he should run for political office.

    (kind of joking here...i know he is in a tough spot about what can/can't be discussed, but...c'mon...his answers ARE amusing)

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