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  • siemprefue siemprefue Mar 31, 2012 7:28 PM Flag

    BCPV comparison

    to KITD is a joke. First off, BCOV is backed by Accel Partners that also controls 11% of Facebook. Second, BCOV was actually underwritten and has the blessing of the street whereas KITD is a mish mash of questionable companies with no intellectual property and no global customer base. Third, BCOV trades at 10.3x sales (KITD trades at 9x sales). The great meme that KITD is undervalued relative to BCOV is a joke; it's not. But perhaps the street is telling you something about the quality of KITD's revenue stream.

    One doesn't need to look very far to see what a real company does when they sign a major customer: they issue a juicy PR with a nice complementary quote from the customer. BCOV has several, including NBC and others. When you look at BCOV's customer list on their website, they tell you what they are doing for their customers. What does KITD put out there? Unilateral references to blue chip customers, and opaque murmurings of organic growth but no specifics about who their long term customers actually are.

    Lastly, BCOV and KITD will need more cash - that's just a fact. The difference here is BCOV already has the backing. KITD has absolutely nothing other than alleged offers to sell the company. Just compare BCOV's management & board to KITD. They aren't even on the same planet.

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    • Friends, let me compare the numbers of 2 companies:

      Net Income---------------(-27.1)----(-17.64)

      Total Assets----------------498.1-------47.34
      Current Assets-------------151.5-------35.25
      Curr. Liabilities-------------84.9-------25.05
      Long Term Liabilities------59.5--------6.17
      Net Working Capital--------66.6-------10.2
      Equity/Total Assets--------0.71--------0.30
      Total Equity----------------353.6-------14.16
      Market Cap.-----------------333.7------654.1

      Are you KITDing me? :))
      In my opinion Kitd really undervalued compare to Bcov.
      If you want more detailed outlook at Bcov, we can also compare the revenue developments since 2008:

      BCOV Revenue----24.50-------63.56
      KITD Revenue----24.40------214.90

      I still believe our KITD is undervalued than BCOV, maybe 7x-8x.
      Just a thought..

    • Price/Sales (ttm)of KITD : 1.55

      Price/Sales (ttm)of BCOV : 10.31

      KITD is 7x undervalued !

    • Siempre, you get more desperate by the post. Accel owns 10% of Facebook and that makes BCOV more valuable than KITD?
      BCOV has intellectual property and KITD does not? KITD has no global customer base? Now you are just making things up.