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  • sygnett12 sygnett12 Sep 22, 2008 3:36 PM Flag

    Can't get ahold of the company

    all circuits appear to be tied up or inoperational.

    I'm sure they won't give any answers if we got through anyway.

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    • You've got to be kidding. You actually call the company, waste valuable internal resources, to ask them to explain a drop in the stock price?

      Do you realize they are running a company there? They can't respond to market panic in that manner, they'd be paralyzed. Let them do their jobs, even if you disagree with them. The small amount of money we have as private investors isn't their main concern. Their day to day activities are.

    • so what you are saying is that a company should do away with their Investor Relations Dept.

      got any more recomendations how a company can cut costs, junior?

    • Yes, my research includes talking to company representatives.

      You means yours doesn't?

    • From the MIC board:

      From investor relations, for what it's worth ... 16-Sep-08 11:03 pm "Thank you for your inquiry concerning Macquarie Infrastructure Company. As is the case with all listed companies, we don't know with certainty who is trading our stock on any day or who owns it at a given point. We do know that a substantial portion of the trading over the past couple of weeks has been short selling (borrowed stock being sold with the expectation that the price will drop, the stock can be re-purchased at the lower price and the borrowed shares returned - the difference between the selling price and the purchasing price, less borrowing costs, is profit).

      We also know that the price has not been driven by anything that we have said about our businesses or that has been said about us, at least as far as we can tell. Our financial report for the second quarter, released on August 7, showed only a slight decline in gross profit (1.4% YTD) at our largest business and an expected level of performance among the other four. As one research analyst put it, shares of MIC are "fundamentally undervalued" at these levels (what was then $20.75). But fundamentals are not driving investment decisions. More and more decisions are being driven by quantitative (mathematical) analysis and models that automatically buy and sell stocks based on their relationship to other securities, indices, macro-economic factors or the movement of any of these in relation to expectations (as opposed to absolute change in value).

      I'm sure that none of this makes you feel any better about the value of your investment. However, I believe that the fundamental drivers of continued stable performance by our businesses are intact and that the current sentiment of fear will subside."

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    • Is that what I said? Hmmm... if that's the type of research you do...

      Another good zinger, though.

    • Like I thought, nothing.

    • Of course it doesn't. Since they can't disclose anything of true informational value, I prefer to stick with the most objective information I can find.

      Again, I ask, what information have you ever obtained from an 'insider' which hadn't already been disclosed?