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  • simpkinsco simpkinsco Dec 5, 2008 9:27 AM Flag

    For 2.65 you get a pref share

    YES you can


    Scottrade sells them

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    • I bought some on E*Trade yesterday. The symbol is SFI.PR.D (I bought the "D's")

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      • A good reference for preferred shares is
        The site is maintained by Flaherty and Crumrine and you can
        get a user ID and password for free. Once on the site, select
        'database search' on the home page. Then enter the ticker
        symbol (in this case, SFI) and you can view some detail on
        all of the preferred stock offered by that company. If the
        ticker symbol for the preferred stock is a derivative of the company ticker symbol, there is no standard format for the
        symbol. For example, for the 'I' issue of the preferred stock
        (which I own), Fidelity uses SFIprI, OptionsXpress uses
        SFIpI, uses SFI-I, etc. It is always a good idea to
        look at the SEC filing for the prospectus of the preferred
        to ensure that the dividends are cumulative (will be paid
        eventually even if suspended temporarily, assuming the company does not go bankrupt). Many of the banks issued some
        non-cumulative preferred shares during 2008. In truth, I don't expect a company to defer payment of a preferred dividend unless it is going bankrupt.