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  • quadruplemalt quadruplemalt Jan 16, 2009 4:23 PM Flag

    Marsh & Vince

    Before I put you back on ignore, help me out.

    I don't predict the stock price for SFI. I post my analysis and reasoning about the business (get it - the business, not the stock price) for others to evaluate if they care to. I claim no hidden insight or special intuition about anything.

    What is it about reasoned exchanges that threaten you two so as to cause you to lapse into personal insults and trash talking?

    You tend more to hurl invective, foul language and contumely than to challenge the analytical, factual or conclusory basis of what I post.

    Why is that? Do you know? Are you curious? I must say I find it unattractive.


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    • No, currently in the states

    • So according to your analysis, business has been fine all this time and the stock went from 20 to 1 for no reason. I never heard 1 time, not even 1 time that you said the business doing twist everything into positive all the way from 20 to 1...nice!

      Now you can come back with 1000 big words and latin and it is still nothing but smoke and mirrors. The fact remains that things are bad and have the potential of going worse. Let me ask you guys something: are quad's positive posts gonna help the company turn around? Why must we post only positive things and not negative thing?

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      • Vince,

        The stated issue is why you post personal things and not analytical things.

        Analysis is inherently neither positive nor negative, it is objective.

        Business analysis is not stock price prediction. I do not believe that I have ever said or implied that business is fine. Please provide me with an example of how I have "twisted everything into positive all the way..."

        Vince, I have often said my view may be wrong. I have rarely conflated my operational analysis with stock price predictions. You can't legitimately undermine my business analysis by invoking the stock price. The difference between the two is the essence of value investing - it's not designed to upset you.

        If I had known Latin upset you I would never have posted "Radix malorum est cupiditas"


    • I am just having fun with you!!

      You have alot of insight!

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      • It is pretty mean spirited to have fun at the expense of someone else. You two guys should offer more and criticize less.

        I have yet to see either of you turkeys provide even a smigin of the analysis that quad has done on his simplest post. You use conjecture and a chickin little approach to all of your posts. At least put your time into analyzing SFI and giving us something meaningful to talk about.