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  • mpilipina2004 mpilipina2004 Mar 9, 2009 8:02 PM Flag

    Thoughts on ACAS

    I remember the good old days when Ferdiefor warned us how terrible an investment was iStar. He was right...of course his baby ACAS has been even worse. The ACAS board is incoherent. So, just wandering if anyone on this board has thoughts on ACAS chances of survival and what its future might look like if it does.

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    • I guess you know Ferdiefor is back and on the ACAS board.Also,Ferdiefor sold his ACAS.

      One of Ferdiefor post below.

      Re: Dividend - cash element yielding 23% 7-Mar-09 10:04 am Those of you that believe suspension of mark to market changes anything are diluding yourselves.

      Stocks are based upon valuation. ACAS is so illiquid and unable to pay a dividend that its valuation is appropriate at next to nothing.

      ACAS isn't going to get to mark up assets magically. The fact is ACAS is a portfolio of illiquid assets trying to function in an era where liquidity and strong balance sheets are the key to long term survival. Rating :
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