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  • ce2001ale ce2001ale Mar 16, 2009 10:41 PM Flag

    Sweet dividends

    I have a "non-diversified" portafolio half SFI prefered and half SFI Common.
    So all over the weekend was thinking what i will do with me sweet dividens, of course my master profesor will told me that i have to diversified, and that i should at least invest those dividends in another stock with a low correlation with SFI.
    But i believe SFI is a gold mine, so why i must "diworstified".

    My final decision was to buy more common.

    So where i am just waiting to know at which price will open SFI tomorrow.

    like Fred Flinstone could have said: YABA DABA DOOO !!!!!

    If i play my cards well i may have a monthly income thanks to SFI.

    I'm been investing for 4 years now, airlines Jetblue JBLU, Headwaters (HW) construction, and high tech uses for coal, (IRBT) Irobot roomba vacuum, all of them looks innovative and a brilliant investment but till last last week i was some 40 % down on my portfolio.
    Since September/08 i have been gradually investing in SFI, and from December is the only stock i own ( common and prefereds), now in the worst market in my hole life I have 13% more that the sum of my inicial investment..
    I think SFI could at least Triple my money.

    With some luck we could all reunite in Las Vegas to party 2 years from now !!!

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