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  • haoleboy1967 haoleboy1967 Feb 16, 2011 8:05 PM Flag

    Preferred Shares - Risk/Reward

    when you say lighten up on the pref - that sounds to me like a question for someone who already owns the pref (?)

    would I buy the pref at todays price and yield?
    not me because I bought them on sale

    but if I had some cash I didnt know what to do with then I might

    am I selling the shares I own? - nope

    what am I missing in your question?
    *I am no expert but just trying to clarify*

    1700 pref D
    3400 common

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    • You're missing the bottom line.

      Is there any point at which the risk of being in a single company (iStar) is outweighed by the benefits of diversity in an income fund.

      The benefit of holding iStar preferred is approximately 3% of additional "risk premium" now to other options.

      Just curious how others viewed that risk/reward option, especially as it decreases moving forward.