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  • thundersteel_03 thundersteel_03 Apr 1, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    Very informative CC

    I was very impressed with the amount of information and progress
    being made by the company.

    Kerry talked about a lot of issues, some including: Inter Mountain, pilot programs,a new wound care study,CMS,The European study, Cash going forward- I believe 2.3m from the .60- 1 year warrants, and
    Altrazeal Trading.(wink wink)-that was just barely discussed but I could hear
    the excitement in Kerrys' words.( I believe for us as shareholders achieving this
    is going to add amazing value to both the shareholders and the company.)

    It seems like the cost benefit of using Altrazeal is opening doors in lesser developed
    countries. I really get the scense that this aspect of the product will allow Altrazeal
    to be a worldwide leader. Kerry made an excellent point about Altrazeal being a unique
    product and one that can achieve universal/worldwide acceptance.We have a competitive
    advantage with our product cost and that it can be used / embraced globally. A lot of
    competing products are limited in their reach/expansion due to the costs associated with
    that product.

    There was so much information that I will have to listen to it several times. A great time
    to be invested in this conmpany. I forgot Kerry is entertaining the thought of Uplisting
    to another exchange, once the pps is over $3.00.

    If you are on the fence about buying this stock, I encourage you to listen to this CC. Those
    that will not due to the recent price appreciation, please look at the market caps of other wound
    care companies and compare them to ULURU. This is just the beginning folks.....

    Congratulations and thanks go out to Kerry Gray for the IM deal. That deal saved shareholders
    roughly 10-12million additional shares being diluted into the overall float. Huge savings. Those
    shares can be used for Altrazeal Trading and other strategic initiatives that make this company
    even stronger..

    Great Job Kerry and Great questions by the callers.

    TS-Totally Sure 2014 is our year. BYE BYE IM!!!!! Thanks but Goodbye..

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    • TS thank you for further clarifying yesterdays post i do believe international community is not going to wait for trials in europe and usa... its just that as an american physician and new stock investor i think we tend to be usa-centric in this case this we need a more global view so thanks to all of you who help remind us of this

    • I bought this at $.50 and have purchased more today and will never sell it as long as they are making progress. I have made that mistake too many times --selling on a weak quarter. This is a ten bagger from here as they get traction. BE will propel the stock up to $3 as MV will still be small at that price. CMXI also cheap and they have CME and FDA approval. Wound care is number one medical growth market.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Great buy Analyst.

        I personally do not look at the quarterly reports. We are a story stock and not a revenue stock
        at this time. One has to look a year or two in advance with this company.

        As long as they keep expanding into new markets while waiting for the data, we are golden.

        The data ultimately is going to cause this stock to explode. Once we have concrete evidence
        that Altrazeal is on par with the leading wound care products/on closure rates, we really
        are loaded. Also, the dual edged sword is the cost savings associated with the product.
        It's a WIN-WIN scenario here once it is proven- those two things.

        The cost of the product will drive doctors to use it, as saving money is of utmost importance
        to the medical systems, while making more money is important to the doctor

        Armed with that data, the peer reviews will add the stamp of approval. I suspect that this stock could double or quadruple with that kind of news from here. Short term

        Our market cap is way to low for the potential this product can bring .... worldwide.

        Remember this is a very unique product. They have patent protection till 2029.
        That is why Distributors/partners and big pharma will be interested in Altrazeal in 2014

        I have owned CXM in the past. I sold it to buy my first batch of ULURU years ago. The
        product is generic and the company is very toxic, with their dilution. If you look at the moves here,
        KG used his own money and Melmed also, to pay for 2014 funding. Basically, they put
        their money where their mouth is. That strategy ultimately saved the float millions upon millions
        of shares- from dilutiion. I will invest my money with a guy that believes so much
        in a product, that he buys 2,000,000 plus shares and at a 100% premium.(at that time)
        Kerry Gray is the reason shareholders will make a lot of money.


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