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  • keep_investing keep_investing Aug 1, 2008 10:08 AM Flag

    IS ANYONE CRAZY...........

    <<So at 1pm Tues, you can guarantee I will be buying if the company is still trading....hopefully you and I can chat about this three or four years from now remembering how we bought our shares for a penny.>>

    I'm not as brave as you as to buy anymore right now, but I do have 20,000 shares that I bought over the past couple of weeks. But isn't 10,000 shares for $100, very tempting for us gamblers?
    I'd better stop here or I'll talk myself into buying more.

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    • It is a BIG gamble, but like you said....$100=10,000 shares....and if it does stay alive for past the summer, there is a great number of things that can help this company strive....New pres....$3bil Mass biotec funding....and I wouldnt leave out the fact that Lanza is on that VC board that plans on dishing out all that $$$$ to stem cell funding. Also, I really think that if they survive this, they will be much more modest and humble, while getting some more appropriate talent in the management team.....they just signed a deal that will get royalties from there technology....why do this a few days before you go bankrupt??? I know there is alot of things that we are in the dark about, but if my wife can spend $1100 on new curtains, I can drop a few hundred on a long shot.