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  • jimmiwonderboy jimmiwonderboy Mar 12, 2009 7:13 PM Flag


    Hello everyone,

    Theres something I've got to get off my chest. I haven't posted since slightcharactorflaw was around. he pissed me off too much, now I just ignore. anyway I've researched stem cell co's for 10 to 12 years.six month's ago I came across ACTC, my heart jumped.without question this is the one. my position is quite great. now, my problem is in today's economy. If I had sold on the .29 and .21 spikes and reaquired my same position I'd have $108k in the bank.However I just can't sell. this is my co.right?? I guess I'm struggling a bit due to economics, you know. trying to stay as long as it takes...GLTA

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    • Hi jimmi

    • Welcome back I have been lurking on this board for years just started posting on this board a month ago for the same reasons you left -- slightcharacterflaw he is still around but goes by the name of bootsnfrank11 and he will still piss you off GL

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      • We are have the same fear, it is going to pop and not come back. I feel we are not far off. I have just invested in this stock 2 weeks ago and have already added stock 3 times. But from what I have learned in the past it takes a few pops to get it to keep going, reason being after a few pops the MM's move on, and a great stock can only be held down for so long and MM's know this. Thats how they make there money. Bottom line as long the PR is real and the company is legit the sky is the limt!

    • Hindsight is always 20/20! You didn't know ACTC was going to turn around and come back down while it was hitting recent highs. Had you sold at .2 when it was on it's way to .29 you would have kicked yourself when it got to .29. Of course it turns out you'd have been able to get back in around .1, but once again you didn't know that till after the fact. Maybe you'd have seen it going up after you sold and bought back in at a higher price thinking it was going even higher. While there is money to be made in trading, most traders are unsuccessful and it takes a lot of time and work.
      Someone on our message board told a story recently about a penny stock he bought in 1999 for 12 cents. He held it through the ups and downs then finally sold at $3.00. He made a huge profit but a few weeks later the share price went up to $25. He was still happy though with all the money he made. He said ACTC is the only penny stock he bought since then and he's gonna hold ACTC, long and strong!

    • jimmiwonderboy

      I am quite amazed that if, as you claim, you have studied stem cell companies for 10-12 years, you would now be feeling confused and claiming to need advice form anyone here. Doesn't quite ring true, and makes me wonder, boy. Know what I mean?

    • My plan is as follows:

      If I sell on the "pops' I will have to pay additional short term income tax. Also, No one knows exactly when ACTC will run up or down. your hindsight is 20/20 right now, but, if you sold at 0.29 and it kept right on going to 0.40 you would have been counting the money you missed out on. Do not second guess. If you do not need the money for a year or 2 let it ride and be rewarded.