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  • weathermannbc weathermannbc Jul 13, 2009 11:15 PM Flag

    WOW !! People's (bad) math, (bad) English, (bad) spelling, and

    (bad) grammar simply astound me!! What the heck were you folks doing in school for all those years??? SHEEZE!!!!!!!

    The teachers must have been given bribes to pass some of you dumb shyts.


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    • Fuh-Q.

    • I think I know where Weatherman is coming from in his sentiment here.

      The underlying reason one finds poor grammar and bad math distasteful "here" is that we're all in a very unique time and place.

      One certainty is true amongst every investor in this arena, you could not have arrived here if you are "stupid".

      Stupid people do not "see" the future or anything beyond their present time problems or yesterdays regrets. Smart people can detect, monitor and evaluate past and present to make appropriate steps into the future. As we are all doing here in the Stem Cell arena.

      Now this doesn't include everyone "here".

      I said earlier, the smart people have "arrived" here. By "arrived" I refer to those who are actually invested into the the companies in the biotechnical field of regenerative medicine.

      I believe Weatherman knows the difference between common grammatical errors from those typing too fast without editing and those from people who truly are or are pretending to be stupid.

      It's a measure of one's self when one compares the collective intelligence of those he associates with.

      It's also a bit upsetting to interest one's friends or family to this company and then show them a MB filled with childlike antics and complete stupidity. This doesn't include the fun we have bringing down bashers, they SHOULD see that. :)

      In my opinion, if you're here to help this company or want to invest and have questions, I don't care about your grammar or spelling.

      Communication is as good as it communicates and that's the bottom line.

      Grammar lawyers and spelling police have SERIOUS mental issues and that is the truth.

      So in conclusion, yes the world is a bit more illiterate the it was in the 50's, but we're still understanding each other so it's okay.

    • Kind of Sad when this is the longest Post of the day. Nothing do do with ACTC.
      Bad Grammar annoys me too, but their are a lot of SMART people that can't give them a break.

    • I do not think that the intent of the original reprimand included editing or typo errors. I also do not think that "stupid" "moron" etc. are adjectives that attach to every individual who is grammar challenged.

      What I do think though is that "contemporary socially" accepted language is slowly eroding formal discourse. To some this may not seem important but just consider that one day the "contemporary socially" versed may well be in positions that require you to communicate with them. There has been a lot written on the erosion of communication skills; now to the reasons for erosion we can add texting lingo, urban phrasing and other sorts of "contemporary socially" based regressions.

      This is a serious matter and one which more people, especially parents, should become sensitive to.



    • I have grown very found of this board, and it's cast of characters.


    • "Freedom of speech is ultra important so stupid people will make their stupid statements so we know how stupid they are."
      --Ted Nugent

      Before you scold others for using poor grammar and spelling, perhaps you should edit your own writing.

    • ju arr an arzhol for saing dat. I wen to schoo an did bery good an i got mi hi eskool diploma so ju no! I espik bery goo an I wri bery goo inglich!

    • Hey Einstein forgot the "s" at the end of the word astound AND on the very first sentence of telling everybody else how dumb they are. Moron.

    • Another single tone English major who thinks the world ends at the county line. Yes the world is dumb enough to learn english as a fourth language.

      Please buy a ticket. Travel, you may learn something before you die.


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      • GLI.........

        You a funny mofo. OOPS am I alowed to use abbreviations on a massage board? This is a Massage board right? uz it makes me feel good.


      • Wrong....I am VERY well traveled, and VERY well educated too. I know, more than most, that the world doesn't begin and end at my county line. What I'm talking about is the people who can't spell, can't use the proper tense of verbs, can't figure out the difference between: there and thier, between do and due, between to and too, etc etc etc. Maybe you should take a look at the man in the mirror, bubba.

        Another single tone English major who thinks the world ends at the county line. Yes the world is dumb enough to learn english as a fourth language.

        Please buy a ticket. Travel, you may learn something before you die.

    • SHEEZE????

      Who cant spell?