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  • bucks2pennies bucks2pennies Aug 13, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

    property tax time

    RE taxes due end of month. Have to sell some ACTC to pay them. Do I sell now or wait until end of month?

    Never doubted I would have to concern myself with this decision when I invested the money I put aside for this years RE taxes in ACTC stock. I really thought that this stock would have pushed forward in July...and then cashing in only a 'few' of those shares with the "massive" profit I was going to make (bought shares I am selling at under $.05 p/s).

    3X my money isn't slouchy but 6X or 10X would have necessitated selling fewer shares than I have to now (the decision was correct but greed seems to want more!). Boo Hoo!

    Still have the faith though, but it now looks like $.50 p/s on current OS is a pipe dream in matter with relisting and Stage I trial approval... It is going to be a long haul for the longs!

    Strong buy but sell some????

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