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  • stuckoboots stuckoboots Aug 28, 2009 4:48 PM Flag

    Is obama a liar or what?

    He can talk like he has a plan to get stems going but I have seen jack shit from that pos over 6 months now.He is more interested in crooked banks and car dealers!I give him through sept and if that fkr doesn't come thru I am done with believing in his compasionate I want to utilize stems to help people find cures bs!He loves to throw money at anything that fuks people but damned if he is interested in throwing money at anything to help the suffering.Anyone feel the same way?

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    • I think u should stfu. Bush spent eight years ruining the country and you whine about no results in six months? Fool. Oh, BTW - Obama's bank plan has generated 4 BILLION in profit for the country. How's that for a result? So much for socialism. Sounds like capitalism to me.

    • I hope to see Goldbooger at the shareholder meeting.

    • lacervap Aug 31, 2009 2:32 AM Flag

      HEALTH care was a major platform on which Obama ran. It is what the people voted for. It is what Kennedy and Clinton and others have tried to do because it needs done. Stem cell research is just, at present, a small part of this, and, in deference to that, has had the 'ban' lifted. If you don't agree to it, or like it, or how it is being proposed, call your congressperson, and let them know what you think. You are a voter I take it, or at least capable of voting, so your opinion does matter. Aside from big money lobbying for the right to continue with the mess the way it is, which in the past has trumped any will of the people in getting this accomplished, it is now the will of the majority of us to bring about this reform. It is always the uninformed or misinformed who have the strongest resistance to change. If you have a better idea, once again, you have the right to make it known. And not necessarily here.

    • lacervap Aug 30, 2009 6:12 PM Flag

      NOT HERE.

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      • YES HERE. If you would have read the previous replies then you would understand that if we get the house bill jamed down our throats then there will be less use of this technology because there will be rationed of care. Instead of giveing opinions os at the bill should be then read the damn thing and you will see what were are in ofr.. This thing must be re written. It is not fair for the sick and the old. By the way, I'm in for several thousand share and this stick has the potential to be an unbelievable wealth stock. Lests only hope that this technolgy will go into effect before the insanity of thie HR 3200

    • My apologies for my response to your first post because it made me think that were the ignorant rightwing asshole you criticized in your second post.Obama has cleared the way for more research and implementation of stem cells in addressing a wide variety of medical needs. Whatever delays are occuring are't comig from Obama and the Gad damned liberals.

      Look for those presenting the irrational arguments on healthcare and you'll find the source of all delays in any thing having to do with advancements in medical care.

    • Are you a piece of shit, or what ?????

    • I agree we need reform. I mentioned a few items. But, as far as TORT, I live in WV which is the worst but I have been sued over a bull sht suit that was settled out of court for which the patient got 10K. God only knows what the lawyer got. The point is that my malpractice went up 30 grand and that has to be passed on and again the cost of care goes up. I now order every test I can think of just to cover my ass. That make the cost go up as well. This must be addressed

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      • Doctors definitely feel it, but the insurance companies make money either way, with premiums and with the insurance.

        Ultimately, in the big scheme of things, it's a lot to you as a doctor, but for the cost of medicine, it's a tiny tiny drop in the bucket. The real cost is the insurance.

        If it was so big, the insurance companies would not settle as easily as they do.

        Additionally, as I said, HMO's are virtually immune to law suit. It was one of the very long-standing "reforms" that was previously done. It made no difference in the cost of premiums or people's likelihood to be rejected or dropped from coverage. The real cost of insurance, is the cost of healthcare generally.

        Think of it this way also. The insurers cherry pick the healthiest and the youngest, while the government currently only insures the elderly and sickest - who are either at the end of their lives or who are poor and come into hospitals. That's a huge unloading of the most costly people onto government, while insurers reap the cheapest - and yet don't fully cover millions of Americans once they get sick.

        There's a serious problem, and it's not the idea of fixing the system that is flawed, it's the system we have that is desperately in need of repair. People seem to want to forget this.

    • Exactly. Far beit for anyone to get sick. His house bill paln is great for those that are healthy but if you are getting sick then you will be screwed. This is an argument for ACTC because people that would need this kind of technology are going to be last in line. This stock could be a dream because of the treatmens that will benifit the folks that need eye site, treatment for congestive cardiomyopathy , or blood type products. If however this bill passes then we can expect this stock to not go far because the demand for the technology will be decreased. If you dont believe me then read that GD bill. We can only hope that the health reform will also benifit the sick and the old and this bill wont be shoved down out throats. Socialization of medicine is not the american way. We can only hope that these bastards dont get thier way and the people will rise up and demand reform that is condusive to a capitalist society. We can provide health care to all by allowing insurance to go across state line and TORT reforman cut waste and crack down on fraud etc.

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      • HMO's are immune from lawsuits mostly. Torts are not the reason healthcare is expeensive, I hate to tell you. They just don't add up to the costs you're paying.

        20-30 percent of every dollar you pay for premiums go only to the people who review your claim to try to reject it. Imagine, that much waste just for that part of the process.

        That doesn't include the profits on all ends and all of the parties that absolutely must make a profit. Most other competitors of ours in the world, have some form of government option. We don't. Obama's plan is very very very far from "socialized medicine" - though that sounds good when you're complaining about the "guvmunt", the same people who won't let stem cells happen (to preserve "life") or interfere in every other part of the personal lives of Americans and spy on their financial transactions, etc... seem to complain about "guvmunt" the most. Life is funny like that.

    • Not here stuck. I think President Obama has done a great deal of work to position stem cell research to move forward. This is not going to stop the those that oppose it, from fighting to slow it down.
      It's been 6 months, thing like this, with all the old politics, and all the nuts, just take time. Stem research HAS come along way in 6 months IMHO. We have a long long way to go.
      This is the begining, not the end.