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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Aug 28, 2009 5:08 PM Flag

    Is obama a liar or what?

    Exactly. Far beit for anyone to get sick. His house bill paln is great for those that are healthy but if you are getting sick then you will be screwed. This is an argument for ACTC because people that would need this kind of technology are going to be last in line. This stock could be a dream because of the treatmens that will benifit the folks that need eye site, treatment for congestive cardiomyopathy , or blood type products. If however this bill passes then we can expect this stock to not go far because the demand for the technology will be decreased. If you dont believe me then read that GD bill. We can only hope that the health reform will also benifit the sick and the old and this bill wont be shoved down out throats. Socialization of medicine is not the american way. We can only hope that these bastards dont get thier way and the people will rise up and demand reform that is condusive to a capitalist society. We can provide health care to all by allowing insurance to go across state line and TORT reforman cut waste and crack down on fraud etc.

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    • HMO's are immune from lawsuits mostly. Torts are not the reason healthcare is expeensive, I hate to tell you. They just don't add up to the costs you're paying.

      20-30 percent of every dollar you pay for premiums go only to the people who review your claim to try to reject it. Imagine, that much waste just for that part of the process.

      That doesn't include the profits on all ends and all of the parties that absolutely must make a profit. Most other competitors of ours in the world, have some form of government option. We don't. Obama's plan is very very very far from "socialized medicine" - though that sounds good when you're complaining about the "guvmunt", the same people who won't let stem cells happen (to preserve "life") or interfere in every other part of the personal lives of Americans and spy on their financial transactions, etc... seem to complain about "guvmunt" the most. Life is funny like that.