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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Aug 30, 2009 7:13 PM Flag

    Is obama a liar or what?

    YES HERE. If you would have read the previous replies then you would understand that if we get the house bill jamed down our throats then there will be less use of this technology because there will be rationed of care. Instead of giveing opinions os at the bill should be then read the damn thing and you will see what were are in ofr.. This thing must be re written. It is not fair for the sick and the old. By the way, I'm in for several thousand share and this stick has the potential to be an unbelievable wealth stock. Lests only hope that this technolgy will go into effect before the insanity of thie HR 3200

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    • "...if we get the house bill jamed down our throats then there will be less use of this technology because there will be rationed of care..."

      Right, craig, the good old "jammed down our throats" routine again, and the sick and the old are going to be floated out on a small ice-berg. But this, in fact, happens to be fairly close to what the healthcare corparations have been doing for decades and they, in fact, have developed and cloned procedures eerily close to real Death Panels, wherein they deny coverage to a great many and get rid of people who have coverage (and not just the old) for actually getting sick (can you believe some people would have the nerve to get sick and try to count on the insurance coverage they have been paying into sometimes for years), at times using the most absurd of pre-exising conditions to cut someone loose so they can maximize profit.

      Consider one patient who became ill and was given a battery of tests indicating leukemia. The tests also showed this person had gallstones which had been present for a long time though undiagnosed and unkown by anyone, including the patient, the patient's doctors and the HC organization, but it was clear the gallstones pre-existed the initiation of the insurance coverage so, sure enough, this person's coverage was dis-continued.

      Yes, another great job by the omni-present health care corporation bureaucrats who also spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in cubicles looking through procedure manuals (manuals generated to supplement their total lack of medical knowledge [indeed they are often kids just out of college, major in Facebook, etc., maybe even just out of high school, and they answer primarily to administrators whose own medical knowledge hasn't increased at all since the time when they sat in the cubicles]) and then phoning up doctors about what they can and can't do (a decision almost never made on a best treatment basis).