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  • wrwilla wrwilla Aug 31, 2009 12:25 PM Flag

    News -Actc will address shareholder questions on

    Tuesday, Sept. 8th!!! The petition worked! Thank you Val!

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    • joshua, you are right that it is a pre-recorded conference call with questions chosen in advance. It sounds like no one will actually represent us nor will we ask our own questions, rather questions will be chosen from the previously submitted question list and will probably be read by a host(ess) and then answered by Caldwell. I think this is a good way to do it. Especially with what should be a very positive shareholder meeting about to take place, I would not want a live session where, for instance, a minor mistake could be made and then be blown out of proportion to the detriment of ACTC and our investment.

      I do think you list some good general reasons why PPS often tanks after company conference calls but I doubt it will happen in this case because the cc is coming so close to the shareholder's meeting. It will be very easy to hold and see what comes out of that, especially since we have reasonable expectations of hearing about some positive steps taken or soon to come.

    • joshua002 Sep 1, 2009 11:03 AM Flag

      ITs because I've played confrence call stocks before.

      Usually the stock has run out of good news, and people are selling or a dwon trend is begining, but then we have the conference call.

      People start hyping the stock back up pointing out all these extremely good peices of news will be released, aka

      Partnership, sales, listing etc. And they all hold or buy more temp until the CC.

      (BTW this ISNT a CC, this is a prerecorded question and answer section where they dont intend to answer the majority of the questions, and can choose to answer which ever ones they want)

      Then the actually CC hits, and no good news comes out, just a repeat of the past, and certain hard financing questions are dodged.

      It just leads to people selling off in disappointment, or reducing the shares they own.

      Also some guys just sell on any hyped up news.

      The act of doing the CC is good imo, but i dont like how its done AFTER the majority of the votes are cast.

      It has a good chance of raising the price until the call imo, but after that it will prob tank temp.

    • you are stupid,,,,,,that was two different post numbnuts,,,,one from the past and one you just posted!!!!


    • joshua002 Sep 1, 2009 12:13 AM Flag

      "here is one you never responded to Josh....."

      you posted this

      If I never responded to it, then how come you quoted my response?

      Must I point out the utter level of fail here, like I do in all of your other post?

      As for your attempts to brag. Good job dave man, you've managed to make some decent cash for your age.

      However, I did just have to pause and laugh a bit. Are you honestly trying to brag about your "young" wife to a 22 year old?

      You do realize she qualifys as cougar points to me?

    • here is one you never responded to Josh.....

      bhahahahhaaa Josh, in the past 9 months i have made over 150k on actc alone, being averaged in my core position.

      Dont put words in my mouth, I dont believe bashers on a message board have anything to do with pps they can instill fear selling with mb investors which in so minimum that would never change the pps, but you are wrong about the mm.

      Dont know anything about the market? LMAO Let me give you a real time so you wont be calling me a liar. Evil, Super, Julia, and myself were discussing other stocks on a thread on this mb just over a week ago. I told them to check out symw and htds. Check their charts, symw hit within 2 or 3 days very nice return only a small position. htds, I bought 2mil shares @.006 sold 1.5mil @ .018, bought back on the drop on friday as I knew it had a gap at around .006, got back in @.007 and it did go as high as .0108 and closed at .0085. Who doesnt understand the market?

      The difference in me and you Josh, is I never posted a bashing post on htds mb predicting the price back to .006 to instill fear and selling. I just let it happen since thats what I believed, and it did. I just have more respect for myself than you do for yourself.

      you posted this

      As for my posting, I only bother posting when you pumpers start your usual mantra trying to sucker new players to buying by spinning every peice of bad news like its a good thing.

      Why do you think real longs and true investors pump? Because of people like you!

      And the odds are you will lose your money and self respect as well!

      As for me,,,,bhahahhahaaaaa,,,,,this is fun,,,,lets see, my wife is 14yrs younger and a doctor, I build multi million dollars homes very nice income, I have a 52ft express cabin cruiser(yacht), just bought a new 40ft Journey quad slide rv,,,,,I dont know Josh, with the exception of going blind and investing in the only company could possibly save my sight, I would say I am doing great in life!

      the rest of your post is bs and you have no clue!

    • joshua002 Aug 31, 2009 11:29 PM Flag

      Change my avatar? I look like that in real life, why would I bother to change it.

      As for dilution, what do u mean its only a short term issue? Do u even know the rules of FLOAT?!

      The higher the dilution the harder it is for share prices to increase over time, and the easier it is for them to fall.

      This IS A LONG issue, and because of this dilution ACTC will one day be forced to eventally either buy back shares( rarely happens), or follow the path of most companies and r/s.

      Tell me how is that good for the longs?

      Just look at CTIC because of all that dilution it cant even hold 1.80 without retracting right back to 1.40-1.50 and has never touched 2.00 again, while BONU (low float) has smashed through the 2 dollar range from .50 cents.

      As for my posting, I only bother posting when you pumpers start your usual mantra trying to sucker new players to buying by spinning every peice of bad news like its a good thing.

      As for wishing I lose all my money? lol, pretty sad old man. Seems like you've run out of bs to throw at me.

      Just sit on the side lines and watch me make money.

      I'll get my buy in price for sure

    • joshua002 Aug 31, 2009 11:04 PM Flag

      "Bull crap, I personaly could care less what this drops to nor do I give a flying @#$% about dilution!"

      Thats because you're a moron, and you have no idea what the prementioned even means.

      But lol You've proved I dont know market 101 time and time again?

      Just point out ONE example of you doing so, you liar.

      All you've ever done is bs, and sound like an idiot.

    • This SUCKS!!!! If any good news was in the near future they wouldn't need a call. They wouldn't feel the need to hold the call because news speaks for itself. Instead they are going to reiterate the same crap with no real news...

    • Sorry Evil, that really sucks. Life goes on. Hope grandma gets healthy again!

    • This is great but we all need to forulate a series of questions that would be most benificial to answer our concerns. I for one would like to know whether or not therre were any teratomas reported in the thus far clinical trials on animals and the % What are some of your thoughts. thanks Craig

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