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    • Actually, in "the real world," meaning in a world where a lot of people with different degrees of educational attainment, of the various types --- in addition to different belief systems [[[NOTE: "belief system", not scientific knowledge, the kind that can duplicate, say, cholorphyll/chloroplasts,OR OF CELL PHONES... in the capturing of energy from a certain spectrum of the eletromagnetic spectrum and either turn it into "food" or messaging signals for communication]]] --- in that "real world" "truths" and "lies" are not as easily determined by THE MAJORITY of folks, who believe, on the one hand, if you can't touch or see, it's not there.... while, also believing in some lone, supreme Creator Being who communicates to them, with them, through religious books and subtle holy revelational acts and events and persons (like the pope, et al)....

      I am not putting people down.... my parents believe in GHOSTS and other good/evil spirits... literally.... Of course, that means they DO NOT believe in Jesus or his Dad, which is also Jesus himself in a different state....

      And they are good, decent people.

      Morally preachy godly people, as seen in these bible thumping folks, are not bad or evil. But not unlike by ghost believing parents, they have been DEEPLY indoctrinated in A CERTAIN FANTASTICAL "reality" and so while, for the most part, you and I... and these people eat the same food, take the same medication for headhache and constipation, use the same detergent and electronic gadgets....

      ... but in THEIR BELIEF reality, their fantasies are as REAL.... as cell phones and plant chlorophylls/choloroplasts ..... using electromagentism (photons from slightly different energy strength in waves/frequencies) .... as either communication (cell phone) and/r food (as in plants)!

      They have a hard time understanding the arrangement of the electrons, protons, and neutrons.... understanding evolutionary biology... understanding cell theory or virology.... but, oh, boy, do they know a lot about the AFTER LIFE, with the spirits of the sky and/or the Creator of everything --- including virtual particles --- in the cosmos!

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      • Interesting thoughts you possess there. Let me ask you one question. When men are facing certain death such as their warship is sinking or they are being overun by the enemy in war what do they most often cry out for? Don't believe they are thinking electrons, protons, and neutrons. I'll tell you what they are screaming out. "Oh God help me." I don't claim myself to be religous like some of these folks but I always respect their views. They in their heart truly believe that destroying an embryo is killing a human. I do not agree with this view but who in this "real" world really knows. We will all find the true answer some day but it won't be in this world. I am glad that Robert Lanza found a way to extract a cell without harming a potential human being. I hope some day that the Catholic church and these folks that do believe this discover that ACTC is really on their side. They just don't know it yet. There should be more information put out on this. Peace.

      • lauj....just want you to know I appreciate your posts-good to have you here. If you care to share, I would be curious to know your education - you're very well spoken. Nice to have someone so eloquent on the board...