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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Oct 26, 2010 10:43 PM Flag


    If and it's a big IF the democrats lose both the house and senate next Tuesday don't expect to hear from the FDA anytime soon. Remember back when Obama signed the executive order to increase the cell lines that were I believe 21 under Bush? GOP wasn't backing that move and since then they have been the party of "NO" to whatever Obama has favored. I believe there will be extreme political pressure on the FDA to hold up anymore trials on embryonic phase 1's. Geron is pretty fortunate they got their's approved before this election. It's just simple logic here my friends. Drug companies are primarily backed by the GOP. It is not in their best interest for the FDA to allow a favorable verdict for ACTC. The best thing IMO is that all the shareholders see this as a possibility and watch who you elect to Congress. They have already let it be known that if they regain control Obama will not get anymore of his agenda passed. Try and forget about this stuff that the FDA is neutral. After next Tuesday night you will all see whose side the FDA is on. I don't look for a favorable decision coming from the FDA til way out or ever. I own thousands of shares and I would sure hate to to see it take place this way but I would not be surprised.

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    • superserial Oct 27, 2010 9:52 AM Flag

      A couple of game changers are lingering in the folds. One, is that GERN gets some positive results, and two, ACTC starts curing blind people outside the U.S.A. Can you imagine American's reactions when they find out a U.S. company is allowed to cure everybody except their own people? No political party or setting will be able to hold back the demand after stem cells have been proven they work.

    • ...good discussion. I would add this; what is the business plan for actc in light of the USA FDA approval process? I think it will be to develop international JV, partnerships, M&A...ect in which there is hope for FDA approval there. There is a global market at play here and I think Amercia needs to get up to speed on this great potential human good.

    • Yes, mclarence, the FDA is certainly not immune to politics but dead_horse made a good point about the previous Republican controlled Congress having to be vetoed by Bush and, to repeat, the following continues to be true (note especially the support amongst Republicans, Catholics and the various Protestant groupings):


      Poll finds widespread US support for embryonic stem cell research

      Clinical News | October 21, 2010| Peter Mansell

      Nearly three quarters of US adults in a recent poll agreed that medical researchers should be allowed to use embryonic stem cells left over from in vitro fertilization procedures to prevent or develop treatments for diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

      The precise figure was 72%, just below the 74% in favour recorded when a similar survey was conducted in 2005, noted the joint poll team of Harris Interactive and Scout News division HealthDay. Corresponding figures for 2004 and 2001 were 74% and 61% respectively.

      The survey was conducted online in the US between 28 and 30 September 2010, taking in 2,113 adults aged 18 years and over. As would be expected, the political complexion of the respondents was a marked determinant, with 58% of Republicans, 82% of Democrats and 73% of independents agreeing that research with embryonic stem cells should be permitted under the circumstances described. Religious conviction was also a significant factor. Among Catholics, support was surprisingly high at 69%, while positive scores for Protestants, born-again Christians/other religion and Christians were 74%, 66% and 58% respectively. .........


    • I have posted that for months.

      It is obvious that the "new congress" wil rewrite the rules... ACTC will suffer.

    • Lets not forget that the 109th Congress(2005-07), with the Republican control, voted to support hESC research on 7/18/06(S:63-37 H:238-194). Vetoed by Bush with a failed overide in the House.

      That was made up of 55-R, 44-D, 1-I in the Senate.

      The House: 231-R, 202-D, 1-I 1-V.

      All is not lost.

    • This is BS. The FDA is a part of the Executive Branch. Please go study the Constittion. Obama is not going to stop his policy of supporting science just because Congress switches to the dim wit party.

      And while the dim wit party may be more in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies than the democrats, nothing will have effectively changed upon that change.

      I still believe that Dickey-Wicker will be made moot, during the lame duck period. That will happen with the help of some Republicans too. It won't matter for anyone then, and secretly, they really mostly want to see this science proceed. The dim wits are the exception, and there are a number of them, but they are still just a noisy minority with undue influence.

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      • Fortunately, that's true.

        The NIH, CDC, and FDA are none-cabinet-level agencies under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet office of Health & Human Services under the charge of Kathleen Sebelius.

        While we KNOW that people at the FDA and other agencies make their decisions with a good degree of POLITICS in mind, since the Dept. of Health and Human Services is part of the White House/Executive's charge, the FDA will not be as immediately impacted as some other agencies...

        It is the longer term pieces --- e.g. Dickey Wicker, etc. --- that need Congressional initiation and passage, that if the Dems lose, we'd have to wait 2, to 6, to 10 more years...

        If the "We want to go back to live life like it was during George Washington's time crowd" wins this November, then Obama still has 2 more years to oversee a few programs...

        If he loses 2012, then we will have to wait (from now until the GOP president's first term ends) 6 years...

        And if he gets a second term, than add 4 more years to that, and we're talking about 10 years, FROM TODAY, until hESC and other non-scientific, God-prohibited basic research can restart again...

        Of course, by then (2020 to 2022), hopefully Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, and England will have achieved some hESC human clinicological successes...

        But we Americans won't care, since we will be, throughout all that time, having SMALL GOVERNMENT that doesn't intrude into our 18th century life style!

        I love America. I came to America, to grow up here just in the right time: I get to go back to living it like George Washington and his folks lived in the mid 1700s!, but with cell phones, xBox, and Televangical screaming fits from divinely inspired preachers (who care so much for our souls) on demand on TV!

      • BIO: I did not say that Obama will stop his policy of supporting science. He won't. They will do it for him. It's all about what controls this country today. MONEY. The drug companies have billions upon billions to lose in the future.They will do everything in their power to see that the money interests are kept in place. They have already come out and said that they will try and overturn the Obama health care bill. Think it can't happen. We'll will have to wait and see. I just believe that when it comes to embryonic stem cells it's akin to chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

    • Any change in Congress will not happen until mid-Jan. A lot can happen with a lame duck House and/or Senate.