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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Dec 1, 2010 6:39 AM Flag


    Every day there are folks on this board who keep crying out that ACTC has too many shares. They keep talking about market cap also. It's like this. The stock market is an auction market. Shares are offered up and people place their bids for the shares. Anyone ever go to an auction and you see an item go up for sale and the buying frenzy begins. The item in question you feel is just too high but somewhere in the crowd someone doesn't so the price just keeps on escalating upward. Momentum has a life of it's own at times. This seems to be one. People in this country are generally risk takers. One can see that by how popular buying Lotto tickets are. Folks don't analyze their purchase by worrying about the odds. They have this dream that this is their road to wealth and this is what we have going here. Does anyone here remember how stocks behaved during the dot com boom period? People didn't go around saying things like I'm so worried about the number of shares issued or oh my what is the current market cap? They just wanted a piece of the action. People in this country by human nature always want what they don't have. This stock can just feed on itself for awhile. I just don't believe some folks see this a concept stock. It's a new way in medicine. You must look at the big picture. If you hold off purchasing shares because "the market cap is too high" or there's just so many shares out there you imo will miss the train leaving the station. I wish everyone here the best of luck but you can't analyze this stock like a Walmart or Coca Cola or the like. It is ground breaking and that makes it different.

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