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  • suggar_babbi2005 suggar_babbi2005 Dec 16, 2010 4:18 PM Flag

    other irons in scientific fire

    I saw what you were morgan/you did a good job...same as a grifter in a come from out of town, case the place out and ask for change for a $20 bill for the phone..'cept you give the b'tender hald a $20 and half a $1 get $19 back and 4 quarters....move on to the next town and do the other halves...1 $20/bill and 1 $1/bill nets you $19..not the easiest way too nake a $ but same applied here on the genta board...You and your helpers were employed as a smokescreen with all your jibberish. all the while you were not talking about genta stock at all, just trying to make pennies per post by working for the crooks.