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  • nmbr1stckpckr nmbr1stckpckr Dec 17, 2010 3:31 AM Flag

    If there is partner news

    the PPS will instantly spike over $1. Follow that up with good results (I'm being conservative as the results will likely be phenomenal), and the PPS will spike over $10. I'm not crazy. $10 only gives ACTC ~ a $15B market cap. Why the explosion in PPS? Because if the results are phenomenal, and since its already known that there aren't ANY safety issues, there is no reason for the FDA to stop ACTC and its partner from developing and marketing the stem cell treatment commercially. And if the US FDA decides to be STUPID, there is always the rest of the world -- I'm sure you've already seen the posts about the various stem cell success stories and about how people in the US and all over the world go to China to get stem cell treatment. The US market alone was estimated to be worth up to $30B. The US has about 300 million people which is only ~4% of the world population. Don't forget that if US citizens can't get treatment here, they WILL travel out of country -- as I've noted, they already ARE!! ACTC can set up a clinic in Canada or the UK or Mexico or offshore in international waters and they will capture the US market still.

    You think with good results, investors will sit around thinking: "hmmmm ACTC is too overpriced here at $2 because they won't even be able to sell their product for another year at least." ??? Companies are valued based on their FUTURE earnings potential!!! Get that thru your thick heads you weak minded people who are so easily tricked by fake shorters who only want your shares cheap so they can flip or add to their long positions.

    And the company has already stated that there is a good possibility that with good results, the EU will likely allow them to begin treatments on the worst cases and if this should happen, the company would begin booking revenues around the 3rd Q of 2012!!

    Parnter news would only serve as an appetizer since EVEN WITHOUT PARTNER NEWS, with good results, the PPS will shoot over $10. My message is do not be so weak minded as to sell all your shares too cheap. Do your DD! Find out for yourselves the truths and you'll see how the bashers take snippets out of context to serve their agenda. Then, squirrel some shares of ACTC away as those shares may well become income you'll need in your retirement.

    And as ACTC's efforts at the other markets they are targeting comes into focus, ACTC will be worth many tens of dollars, possibly 100s. But, even I have to admit that that is looking too far ahead -- just keep that in mind when you're wondering if you should sell all your shares when the PPS is trading in the $20-$30 range.

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    • I am totally in agreement wit' you there, #1.

      The only thing to keep in mind is that:

      With ACTC and other serious, scientific companies and institutes having done so much of the GROUND BREAKING PUBLICATION on SMD and AMD, right now many other entities around the world can readily replicate ACTC, etc.

      Only the more established companies are somewhat still afraid of Intellectual Property enforcement from Advanced Cell, Geron, and other such small companies have worked tirelessly the last 10 years... and they DO have some broad IPs already nailed down/awarded.

      That means large companies which like to do legal business would likely have to pair up with GERON, ACTC, etc. if their work prove successful as shown in the various preliminary and advanced animal modelings in the last 3-5 years, just before they took their INDs to the FDA, the most difficult regulatory agency to get through, for approval, for which they got: the first ever... in systematic studies of hESCs and their revolutionary potentials, as the MASTER CELLS of all later cells in organisms...

    • Great post!