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  • ccaammooffuu ccaammooffuu Dec 30, 2010 9:06 AM Flag

    "Miracle of a Cure"

    Posted by someone else on another M/B.
    Great Read

    We should have a media blitz when it is "official" and we receive the patent approval. Dr Lanza will explain with great fervor that ***OUR hesc**** are derived utilizing the same widespread techniques as IVF which currently is acceptable to all religions and political beliefs. That same egg used to CREATE the miracle of life will now provide the miracle of a CURE. If I was testifying in court over the controversy about hesc, I would ask everyone in the court if they ever had their blood drawn for a
    simple blood test? In essence you had cells removed from your body with no resulting damaging effect. We are the only company doing the same thing by removing one cell from an embryo, so there is no damaging effect. My next question to everyone in that court would be if you had someone close to you that was blind or paralyzed or had some horrific debilitating disease would you give them a drop of your blood if you knew that it could cure them? In essence that is what our technique accomplishes. I rest my case.

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