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  • jn1520 jn1520 Jan 7, 2011 3:45 PM Flag

    Why I like AF's Blog about ACTC

    Regardless of how you feel about Adam (I, for one, like him for the most part - he's been way off at times, but generally gives pretty good information), his mention of ACTC means we're on our way to the top!

    ACTC has been under many radars...suddenly we have national exposure (again - because they've made news years ago when this all started). We're potentially weeks away from news about how things are going. Any positive news about ANY stem cell trial in humans, whether it be GERN's or ours will send both companies rocketing because it will show the cells work! If our first patients reveal restoration of sight, woweeeee!

    Positive or negative, when you have comments by known analysts it means we're hitting the bigtime stage people....

    We're about to make history! I say keep 'em coming, positive articles, negative articles...It's all about exposure!!!

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    • You must have taken the "bad acid"....That guy doesn't have a flippin clue wtf he is talking about. Wow, I wonder how many 'seconds' of DD he invested prior to putting together that nonsense...NOw, on the other hand, yes at least they are looking at us which will bode well once great things start to happen. AF = Jack until further notice.

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      • My guess is that he included ACTC for one of two reasons:

        1. Cramer's cronnies want to buy in at cheaper pps, or,

        2. Cramer and Co. have long positions in some of the other bio companies he reviewed, and by drawing attention to a "speculative" and "overpriced" ACTC, it seems to add credibility to the story, and insinuates that the other, larger companies listed are the ones worth investing in. It also enables the author to say, sometime down the road when we take off, "ACTC has been on my radar since,,,,,,"

    • rante Jan 8, 2011 11:07 AM Flag


      price fluctuations IRRELEVANT. with good DD. You will not get shaken out the tree of gold .
      follow topics: BANK hesc, FYI:updated patent info, Whales vs Big fish

      You will GAIN CONFIDENCE with your ACTC money$$$$$$$


    • What Adam did was he snuck an OTC penny stock into his blog giving the perception of a negative spin, however, the title of the blog refers to the top Bio picks for 2011. The Street does not promote/recommend penny stocks, however, Adam felt the need to mention ACTC in his blog, and most importantly, he mentioned it LAST. Anybody who knows anything about journalism, public speaking, speech writing, blog writing, etc, knows that the last thing mentioned is the last thing the target audience will take away from the whole communication. Was this done on the sly? If so, for what reason? Do not discount Adams intelligence, regardless of his past. He is in the position he is in for a reason; don't think for one second that he, as well as others, don't have there eye on this company. For all we know, he and others may be building a position regularly and when they are complete, they will begin to "talk". Hedge fund managers know how to play this game better than anybody, especially "Ol Cramer."

    • Once Adam, Cramer and analyst weigh-in this stock will move. I for one want a lot of opinions/analysts thoughts on a given stock/sector. Ultimately I'm responsible for my buy/sell decisions.

      This company is going to be successful or fail on its own merits. Here's looking for their success.


    • And one more thing on your post, is that NO company wants to get ANY negative press-and most definately NOT from an analyst...IMO

    • No, he's a half-stepper on his research, he deserves to be answered here.