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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Jan 10, 2011 8:54 PM Flag


    Can anyone on this message board explain why so many folks have to constantly inform others about the exact number of shares they own or are planning on buying. Every single day there is this,"I'm up to 700,000 shares now or "In the morning I'm going to buy another 50,000 etc. Who really cares here what people own or are planning on having? I myself made that mistake when I was asked how many shares I had and not thinking I replied. Later I thought how stupid and arrogant that is to be like that. I haven't done it since. No problem though when a poster states he/she is long and has a sizeable amount of shares. I personnaly want to see all shareholders do well and make money but please I don't need to know just how many shares you own. It doesn't mean crap to me and I'm sure there are others who get tired of it. Also, these wild eyed predictions are meaningless. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE knows what this pps is going to do tomorrow. If one says the share price will probably be higher in 6 to 12 months I can go along with that but this daily price prediction is too funny. I wonder just how many people here believe some of this stuff. Oh well, have a good night all.

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    • Dear Sir,

      I fully agree but have a few questions.

      1. I forgot the number of shares you have. did you buy more? What is the total now?

      2. What will be the opening price, closing price today, tomorrow and following days?

      3. Can I have a spread sheet where you list the problems you have with us in descendent order ?

      4. What is the difference between "NO ONE" and "I MEAN NO ONE" ?

      5. Can you list in descendent order the things "you can go along with"

      6. Can you list in descendent order also using a spread sheet the things you "wonder just how"

      LOL LOL ---- laugh with me

    • one of the answer,

      there are so many jobless people here, I mean they have no
      real job except doing pump & dumb stock market :)) that way they
      are making money & may be losing money too

    • Yeah I never understood why some feel the need to tell the world how many shares they have. I guess the hope is that when they hit the $$$, everyone can call them for a quick loan.

      My favorites are those that claim that they bought X number of shares, and it's almost always a high figure, and are wondering if it's enough on their part.

    • Somebody sounds like a bitter OLD MAN!! Chill out!!! This is a public message board ya fool! This is where some good info and ideas get passed around, but a majority is just shooting the Sh-t. I bet you yell at kids for walking on your grass also!!!

      Hapy a nice day Grumpy!!

    • I think there are alot of short term indicators to read and there is nothing wrong with making daily predicitions. THis is not the Second coming of Christ, or the end of the world. It is a stock and with due dilegence and some intellegent analysis, one should be able to make an educated prediction for short and long term growth. I get frustrated when people say "NO ONE KNOWS" For instance, it's not like we don't know the news that is coming in the next months.
      We KNOW..
      that trials for Starghadts is about to start.
      WE KNOW..
      that trials for AMD are about to start.
      WE KNOW..
      that they have filed an IND in Europe for AMD and expect approval soon.
      WE KNOW..
      they got patent approval for Blastomere and are waiting for news anyday.
      WE KNOW..
      that they are starting Phase II/III for another trial
      WE KNOW..
      that we just got 25 million in funding
      WE KNOW..
      that they have partnered with the Roslin Institute to create an HESC bank which in itself will generate revenue, and perhaps alot more than some are anitcipating.
      WE KNOW..
      we have the iron in Korea and news could come from there anytime.
      On what we know, I think it's safe to say, I predict the price to go up!

    • I know what it's going to do. If there is no news to create a spike it will continue it's decline. Todays candle was an engulfing candle, so that means a strong downtrend is underway. It is in all likelihood going to eventually hit .18 which is the 2nd strongest level of support and might slide all the way down to .14 which is the strongest level of support. I mean, we must be real, after a double top and a bearish engulfing signal there really is no chance of an increase in pps until the end of the week, and keep in mind that that increase will be from a new recent low. With that being said, the overall trend is still upward, as you will also see with the charts provided below. MHO

      GLTA, Maybe these links will help.

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    • It is a day traders chat room. You din't know?

    • I only mentioned how many share i had because i was being accused i was just showing up today i have been an investor for two years that's all

    • what leavin so soon after all that your no fun at all ill bet your wife says the same thing come have some fun