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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Jan 13, 2011 12:27 AM Flag

    ...and the guy suddenly died....

    I can see you didn't watch the service tonight in Tuscon. There was a call from many leaders to try and be a little more civil towards others in this country. I can see you didn't hear it. Try walking in his shoes today and see how you would have performed. I'm beginning to see more and more that folks like you who want to see faults in others are probably pretty insecure in their own lives. You ever heard of the old saying "If you can't say something good about others then don't say anything".

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    • Ahem dude, I learned it is OK to laugh at oneself and also not get my panties too tied up. I also wrote I'm glad we got him, just that there is a reason why he is interim. AND he did not prepare properly, AND yes he should be made aware of his poor delivery so that he CAN learn and improve.

      Don't pander to me with false morality, he is being paid to represent the firm. You talk about being civil, and then attack me with that crap? He can and should do a better job. Note, I am very happy about the message and what was discussed and the potential of the firm.

      Just relax, it is OK to laugh when folks don't get it just right. Finally, THINK - he is paid to be the face of the firm, he should have come across a little better.

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      • notthatflop - who needs enemies when you have the yahoo message I right? :)

        I for one present in front of C-Level Execs on almost a daily basis and part of coaching those below me to eventually do the same requires critique and observation. I agree with your assesment that the content was excellent, but the delivery could have been improved.

        And for the individual that commented on how you spoke poorly of his performance and that it shouldn't have been said at all...where the hell would we be if people didn't provide criticism? Would we be making the same mistakes over and over and over, chances are good we would.