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  • algernon9 Jan 13, 2011 6:45 AM Flag

    HOW do they keep this PINNED DOWN?

    All of the recent news should have been POWERFUL to the UPSIDE. It's astonishing, what's happening. But, day after day we languish and go down. It gives the appearance that no one is noticing... or, caring... what this company does. We all know that can't be true. If it was a free market... it should be going up... it's been jumping up strong at the open for a long, long time... but, always falls back immediately into "the doldrums". HOW do they do it? Is it the "churning"? They can't be getting that many shares - is that why it goes on and on - day after day? Can they do this even with big, big news? Just wondering...

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    • The real problem is that shorts love to "pin the bid"- which is a manipulative technique whereby short-sellers don't first wait for a buyer to come to up them at a higher level, say on an ask price- but, instead, they short directly on the bid price repeatedly (called "pinning") until the bid finally "caves in."

      Shorts have learned that if they "tag-team" the bid in this manner, it will, undoubtedly, cave- and the resulting bid will be pushed lower, and then lower and then lower still. With the ask price lowering in tandem with a dropping bid price- exacerbated by other shorts on the ask going lower, longs now start to panic and lower their sell (ask) price even further- and many longs then start selling directly on the bid itself; eventually, the bid is actually taken lower and lower mostly by longs as they panic in trying to get out of the stock- and potential long buyers lower their bids in trying to buy as low as possible- eg: the "bid drops out."

      Obviously, shorts don't first "speak" with each other in coordinating a pin-attack (although the message boards easily allow traders to communicate trading strategies to others). But, in stocks where there is a lot of short interest- and there are (were) many, it doesn't take much for certain shorts- whether fund traders or wealthier individual traders to initiate the pin process- and for other shorts to immediately recognize the attack under way, and then pile in.

      Indeed, with lower-volume stocks, the potential for downward manipulation is far greater, because resistance by longs is proportionally lower- and bid/ask spreads are wider. And with very low-volume stocks, such as ones that trade under 250,000 shares/day, a short-seller with a good amount of money can, single-handedly, easily crush the stock price downward.

      One important additional component of the pin-the-bid technique is for well-capitalized shorts to first "load up" at as high as price as possible- waiting for the stock to have a strong market day or two, or an intra-day pop (even as a result of a "short-squeeze") to place the bulk of their short-sells. Then use additional funds available to them to then force the stock lower. In other words, these shorts make money off their "higher-priced" short positions, and then make additional money in relentlessly driving the stock lower.

      The key to the latter- is that once a pin attack is launched, as I said, long-position sellers panic PLUS those who are looking to buy long will lower their bids to ultimately buy long as low as possible. These two resultant "panic plus bottom-fishing" motives by longs snowballs the bid-pin/downward short manipulation process. In effect: the shorts manipulating the bid downward rely on their technique to cause the snowball- thereby the shorts don't have to do much work (or spend much money during the pin) to cause the stock to sink a lot lower than it normally would have.

      And, then, of course, once shorts have made enough money, they begin to cover buy and take their profits.

      So, what can be done to solve this problem- which, I believe is rampant in the market?


      1. Don't ban short-selling- as you need short-selling to create a liquid trading market.
      2. Don't just re-instate the "up-tick" rule.

      Instead: do not allow shorting on the bid. Period.

      I'll say it again- do not allow shorting on the bid. Longs could sell on the bid. Shorts could cover buy on the bid. But shorts couldn't short on the bid.

      It's simple. And it will resolve a ton of issues that relate to downward manipulation of the market.

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    • ITEM 3.02 Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities.
      Series B Preferred Transaction

      In connection with the Stock Purchase Agreement discussed in Item 1.01 herein, on December 31, 2010, the Company issued and sold 750 shares of Series B Preferred Stock, for a purchase price of $7,500,000, and pursuant to the Optimus Warrant, delivered to the Holder warrants to purchase 63,281,250 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $0.16 per share.

    • Too many shares, for one thing!!!

    • bump......

    • you said the answer in your title..they are pinning the bid for one it in sub-cents...thats how..

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    • Yes they are pinning the bid...yes, they are manipulating the stock...But one thing they cant do is stop the process. ACTC will get results with everything they do...they can make platelets...once proven the DOD will write the checks...

    • I sure wish you guys complaining about this stock not going up would STFU. The market cap for this company has gone from ~50 million to ~250 million in about a month. It has gone up almost 500% and all you tards do is complain about it not going up.

      This stock has a MAXIMUM value per share of about 2 bucks. Why, because there are almost 1.5 BILLION shares outstanding. That would give this a 3 Billion dollar market cap, which is almost unheard of for a company with no positive Phase III results let alone not even in Phase III.

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      • algernon9 Jan 13, 2011 8:45 AM Flag

        They use the finest, cleanest procedures in obtaining the cells - they had 100% success with the animal studies - the techniques have already been used with great success all around the world - the injections work. In this investment environment - why aren't more people interested in owning this? Bidding up the price in order to do so? The way it normally happens? This is the best bet in town...

    • ..i dont't understand it either, as every day before the market opens there is building buying presure and the bids goes higher then previous day closing pps, only to fall below previous day closing PPS in fist 5 realy does not makes looks like the PPS wants to go higher only to get stopped and pushed down by "someone" who has enough shares to sell against or below the bid..And exactly this causes that potential buyers (and i believe there is lot of them waiting on the sideways) are "scared" and can't decide whether to buy now or wait a lil bit..But i believe this can't go on forever as amount of shares used for this game has to be drying up...

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