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  • alhall51 alhall51 Feb 24, 2011 11:42 AM Flag


    Hi Guys,,

    This is really Cool!

    Hemangioblast program:

    "According to the recently published research by Advanced Cell Technology, when the HG cells were injected into animals with retinal damage due to diabetes or ischemia-reperfusion injury (lack of adequate blood flow) of the retina, the cells homed to the site of injury and showed robust reparative function of the entire damaged vasculature within 24-48 hours. The cells showed a similar regenerative capacity in animal models of both myocardial infarction (50% reduction in mortality rate) and hind limb ischemia, with restoration of blood flow to near normal levels. These cells were able to generate functional blood vessels in the presence of severe tissue injury as well as in chronic disease states. These cells have a robust vascular reparative ability under what is typically considered very adverse growth conditions making them potentially ideal for treatment of diabetic vascular complications where profound tissue compromise exists and healing is typically severely compromised. The results of the research suggest the possibility of using nature’s early cellular developmental components to restore vascularization and function in patients with vascular disease. An injection of these cells may be able to prevent a patient from having a leg amputated or a patient from dying after a heart attack."

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