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  • colby.bull colby.bull Feb 24, 2011 6:41 PM Flag

    2011 should produce some very substantive results !

    2011 should produce some very substantive results with regard to ACTC and other regenerative companies. The amount of shares outstanding (currently over 1.1 billion) is not a barrier to higher prices for this stock as the conservative estimate pegs a 25 billion market in the US (not including the rest of the world). That would equate to around 20.00 to 25.00 per share if they find a way to bring this to market. If the results are positive, I could see some big players like MRK or PFE coming into the mix. I do not see reversing as they are not in danger of being delisted from the OTC...the stock will grow organically based on the results from the trials currently underway. The beauty of this particular stock can be found in the patents. The company knows more than anyone (including the FDA) about how this process works and the rest of the companies doing research will ultimately have do business with ACTC to purchase the technology that allows it to be safely used on the embryo.

    I agree that this company is way undervalued at this point. By the time investors wake up to this new technology, the price will be well on its way to much higher levels. At .175 per share...its a steal...and it really is just a matter of time before the results are released in 2011.

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    • ..hmmmm look at the DNDN or HGSI, look on their market cap and their potential assuming the RPE cells will work as we all hope, then i can't see why we wouldnt have market cap at least 10B in comming years...and that's just msrket cap based on SMD/AMD, not to mention platelets and other programs ACTC is working on...

    • Thoughtful post...thanks

    • Hahaha nice one...classic!!!

    • Aah! Doh! There are so many things wrong with this post!! Disclosure: Been long for over two years. Not trading. Bought a bunch cheap and am sitting on it.

      1. A $25 billion market does not mean ACTC gets all that $25 billion! Even if they have all the patents, they will need partners, manufacturers, people to sell this stuff, etc. And someone in Russia will probably steal the technology sooner than we all think. So they only get part of that.

      2. Even if they did "get it all" it does not mean they have a $25 billion market cap (I am assuming that is what you meant by 1.1 billion shares x $20-ish each.) Apple has about a $300 billion market cap on about $70B in sales and just under a billion shares themselves. You can buy one for about $340 bucks.

      3. Then there is the profit thing. You have to consider license fees, scale, other investments they will probably make in the business IF they are able to make some profit, etc.

      This could be a great company and a great investment but let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is a BUSINESS not just a stock symbol. There is a ton of work to do. Momentum is very good but, from a pragmatic business sense, chances of failure outweigh success right now. That is why the reward potential is so high…it is high risk.

      Just sit tight for another 2-3 years, hope the company leaders do a good job, maybe they get a break or two and then…after all that..we retire with some extra cash that I hope no one is counting on having. It is gravy.

      That is, if you bought enough now, while it is cheap. :-)

    • Trying to make a dollar out of 17 cents

    • I would love to hear what Rocky from investorshub (one of the most knowledgeable if not the most knowledgeable poster on any thread) thinks about $25 predictions.-I would bet my last $1.00 that he would laugh at such projections at this juncture.

    • I agree with your basic premise about the stock being undervalued, but imo you shouldn't be thinking anywhere near the vicinity of $20-$25 a share at this point-that just isn't reality!

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      • He is correct by saying IF the science is validated and brought to market. 20-25 is a very low end estimat. That is a 1/1 potential PE. Now, remember...they have 200 differentiated cells. That is 200 different programs! Do you honestly feel the RPE program 'if' it is ever brought to market will be the only program? By that time they will have already had billions of dollars thrown at them up-front. The possibilities are endless when looking at the amount on simultaneous J/V's if they can fend off a buyout. You cannot even begin to put a price tag on the IP without validation of the science. WITH validation of the science, we are looking at absolutely astronomical numbers/market cap.

    • Accumulate!

    • Nicely put!!! I believe you are correct. Being undervalued is putting mildly! I am buying as much as possible before the rest of the world sees the potential of this company. I am content at these current levels for the time being. I do hear the tick tock in the back of my mind. I know time is running out. If these trials are remotely successful I think this a big winner. Thanks for the post!! GLTA