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  • blackmarango blackmarango Feb 26, 2011 11:58 AM Flag

    Lessons Learned?

    While I am relatively new to ACTC, I have been invested in GERN for over 10 years. It occurs to me that there are many similarities between the two companies and ACTC could learn alot by examining what GERN did and did not do over the past couple of years. These "Lessons Learned" could be extremely worthwhile!!!

    Of course, IMO.

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    • Do you really think that the people who are serious ACTC investors, havent looked into GERN? There are only 2 companies (ACTC and GERN) that use the same type of stem cell therapy.

      Stop trying to pump GERN, as we all know about them. And since youre so brilliant, why dont you tell us about this lesson.

    • It seems that everytime that I come up with a GERN strategy, something happens to make me go back to square 1.

      Over the past 6 months I have reduced my position to a "core" postition where I'll watch. May sell more on news spikes and may buy more if it goes below $4.75.

      With the $5 secondary a couple of months ago, I just don't see any significant news in the next several months. After all, why price a secondary at $5 if you're expecting something significant??

      Of course, my strategy is subject to change!

    • What is UR GERN strategy? Straight VANILLA may NOT be the best approach. ITS like QUID PRO QUO out there and 1 MONTH ago some realized you could OPT for the NON VANILLA flavor. MAYBE U should Xplore other OPTIONS. JMHO GLTU

    • Fair enough!

      I haven't been happy with GERN since the proclamation of the Cancer Cure just before the Maui Conference!!!

    • Cause I went through a number of your old've seemed to be an unhappy long gern holder for a long long time........LOL
      As for swing trading actc...........have fun.

    • By the way, how do you know that I have not had a positive post on the GERN board???


      That statement is utterly false!!!!

      Right now I'm unhappy with GERN's state of affairs because I think that competent management would have had the GERN PPS into the double digits a long, long, long time ago!!!

    • In a number of actc rpe trial related pr's it is stated that P1 is for safety. Do you want a special pr to just state the fda's stance on P1.....?? What other medical companies have done this.....??
      Why have you never had a positive type post on the gern board....??

    • dy: I agree with you!!!

      There have been reports of stem cell sucess in other countries like India. Of course, the reports may have been "fudged" but it is encouraging to see positive articles.

      I would not be surprised to see ACTC go silent after announcing the first injection like GERN has done.

      If so, there may be a prime swing trading opportunity for astute investors!!!

    • Yes, and I'm speaking to the P1 part. That will take about a ~~year to complete. Will we hear if those little cells are doing what is expected prior to the end of P1?

      As far as I'm concerned, no news is very very good news at gern. Not sure how many medical companies put out pr's mid trial/phase.......The hope was news would leak (imo) if someone started moving a toe, took a step. With actc's trial, we will be able to see/watch the cells.........Will we report/pr if they are doing what is expected/hoped.....???.....???

    • The first dose will be a low dosage.

      Thoughts otherwise, are just wrong!!!

      My suggestion for this PR strategy is sound and NOT misleading!!!

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