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  • colby.bull colby.bull Apr 3, 2011 6:54 PM Flag

    Possible Near Term Events based on CC

    possible near term events,

    likely near term events based on CC info two weeks ago tomorrow.
    Item #1 is the heavy hitter for me as starting trials is what ACT is all about.

    1)Info posted to allow recruitment to begin)
    (CC quote)
    "and we expect their final approval within about two weeks."

    2)EU Orphan Designation(OMP meeting April 6-7)
    (CC quote)
    "We have a preliminary indication that we are likely to receive orphan drug status in Europe, and are about to submit an application in Europe to their version of the FDA, the EMEA, for the same therapy"

    3)Roslin Deal
    (CC quote)
    "This should help us significantly in licensing the cells through our Roslin Cells deal, which we are currently working to finalize"

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      0 Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTC:ACTC) On the Progressive Move Again

      By Nelly Shishkova
      Date: Apr 4, 2011
      Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTC:ACTC, ACTC message board) is on the progressive move again. Over the past week, the stock has been climbing up at full speed and last Friday its traded volume jumped over 10 million shares.
      In fact, that's not something unusual for the company. On the contrary, historical records show that ACT has had regular unexpected gains based on optimistic rumors or promotions. Apparently, this time the up trend is due to more rumors and optimistic news, which continue to push up the stock price.

      On March 23, ACT reported it was to be issued broad patent for human ES Cell-derived RPE cells in China. According to the announcement, the company's progress in obtaining patent protection for its RPE program is considered as a testament to the continued recognition of its inventions and a protection of ACT's therapeutic programs technology.

      Being published, this announcement immediately influenced ACTC stock price and the climb began. Though, it seems that the news wasn't the only factor for holding the bullish trend.

      Along with the optimistic press release, traders on message board opened a big discussion about the massive trade. According to investors, something huge is about to happen with ACT. A possible reason for the recent gains appears to be the anticipation of the company unveiling details on its Phase I/II trials in Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy and Dry AMD, scheduled to begin this year.