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  • notthatflop notthatflop Apr 22, 2011 2:26 PM Flag

    Employee head count - did you notice?

    Just curious if you boys/gals notice we went from 14 full time people to 22. I like it!

    Chew on that basher boys! Setting the stage for getting trials done.

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    • .....

    • Thanks you have a keen eye. That is meaningful.

    • Great post and positive meaning for sure. We can hope the trials begin and prove to be awesome to set up for stage 2.

      If all of that happens a year from now there will be some happy folks indeed.

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      • well, reading some of your last posts, I moved you out of my must be a paid basher to the fence. You put a lot of thoughts into those posts.

        If you read some of the stuff I wrote, when not just getting frustrated with some folks here, I believe that this is gamble, as all biotech entry level firms are. I think given what happened over last year it is a good gamble (no need to restate all the reasons why).

        I wouldn't put my life savings into this, and believe in having money in different areas.

        You wrote about playing the price, or something along those lines. I look at it this way, when we crashed and folks panic sold, they did not ride up with the market on their investments. I don't mind static or be-bopping for a while. I'm willing to gamble on this, and agree with the Al the profit fellow. I'd rather not be surprised and on the side lines. I'm also cool with a set back, and just wait for a while.

        Given the, so far, positive Geron news on their patient TJ, and the animal studies, in my opinion, we have a very good chance at good results. I'm sure that this firm, being only the second one granted to do human trials DOES NOT want to screw this up (think about what type of set back that could be to this lightning rod industry). There is a lot at stake here, and I prefer slow, careful, deliberate to rushing this to get a news release out.