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  • demetergreen demetergreen May 5, 2011 10:21 AM Flag

    does anyone know why ACTC did not

    I said it "sounded familiar"-but I'm on the CIRM website now it says if you make money they want it back-reasonable yet vague. Here's a good part-

    Does CIRM require a Grantee to obtain prior CIRM approval of strategies to exploit CIRM-Funded Technology – whether by license, sale or other form of transfer?

    Answer: No. While CIRM’s regulations require a Grantee to take reasonable steps to develop, commercialize or otherwise bring to practical application CIRM-Funded Technologies and Inventions, the regulations neither grant CIRM an ownership interest in these discoveries nor require CIRM approval of a Grantee’s decision whether or not to retain or transfer interest in these discoveries.
    The Grantee controls patent prosecution, choice of counsel, selection of claims and all patent prosecution decisions.

    Plenty to read-