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  • notthatflop notthatflop May 29, 2011 11:16 PM Flag

    To the Board, FROM AL THE PROFIT

    you know Al, I hope that what you wrote is true and stops these individuals from spreading fear and lies. I love to hear what happens. Hope you are right.

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    • Hello Not;;

      Yes,, it is absolutely true,,
      Initially I contacted my attorney to see what could be done,, After all , I'm not about to sit by idly and watch some moron spreading lies and making fradulent statements all design to drive away new investors from our company. This is malicious and illegal activity and this idiot definetly crossed the line,,

      Anyway, my attorney recommend to just report him for criminal prosecution, because suing im would just atke a lot of money and he's probaly got nothing anayway.

      My attorney said that "Impersonating" a representative of the US government is defiinetly illegal, and the US attorneys office and the SEC do prosecute these cases. He recommended I report to the SEC and State Attorney General-
      Yes,, The stae attorney generals office acquired the postings and agreed that in their belief fraud was being committed as well and have forwarded the complaints to the FBI for further investigation..

      OF coures this idiot is such a dope that he will not stop, so it's just going to be easier for them to do their job.

      Ya know "NOT", I have been here for a few years now, and I've been enjoying discussions about our investment with many bright people here for some time now,, For some reason, this idiot butts in and starts bad mouthing me and others and post oughtright fradulent statements and lies about the company - and somehow,, I'm the bad guy - go figure ,, It's not worth trying to understand, because the guy is just a stupid ignoramus,,

      Bottom Line - We are not going to stand idly by while someone tries to tear down our investments.

      I have a "Significant" amount of funds invested with this company - for many positive reasons,,,

      Hopefully we will see some action soon,,

      Regards & Good Profits to you

    • Report all you like, you dirty rat.