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    The FP truth


    Due to all the chit I read about me here is the truth.

    I retired out of the military after 21 years of service as a Jet pilot giving up my promising further military career.

    Due to my marriage and my own investing I was free to do whatever I wanted to do and it resulted in all kind of activities with my main hoppy stock investing. None was meant to make me money beside the fun of it. My income producing assets like farming, oill, real estate............ are being managed mainly by others..

    During my stock investing out of my home or my vacation destinations I read a lot and keep the ACTC MB open for entertainment and interaction. I love to make what I call bloody jokes which nobody has to read if he prefers not to do so. Far in between I actually\scroll through my portfolio of endless stock accumulation or call it stock hoarding, the result of my passion.

    I do not care what others do in regards to investing but I like to share ideas, absolutely without agenda. I have one ID and this is FIGHTERPILOT, with capital letters only due to an early Yahoo Internet registration I never changed and I for whatever reason used capital letters. It was here to stay.

    I like to work at night due to the silence and to reach folks in other countries during day time. I am what most people call a nice guy and do not care if Morons on this MB make up their own conclusions. Good for them.

    This is only for the few friends I have on this MB , so they know the truth and clearly can see the Morons who like to come up with their own story for me. I assume the ugly characterization of me is more a description of their own personality and character. I am happily married over fourty years to a beautiful woman I adore and have one daughter who makes her parents proud.

    Now you have it, feel free to make up your own chit. And if you feel nobody is interested in the truth and my story, I know you are talking about yourself and you are most likely a selfish MORON only interested in yourself and no others.

    This topic is deleted.
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