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  • sosuaman sosuaman May 18, 2012 8:26 PM Flag

    What Does FaceBook Produce?

    Other than ad revenue?

    Who is to say that future generations or even the current "younger" generation will continue using this concept/website?

    What does it produce?
    What does it do for society?
    I have never been on it nor will I ever go on it - I am busy with "my life".
    I actually see and interact with people "in person".

    I see ZERO benefit of being on FaceBook and merely see this as similar to the "DotCom" bubble.
    I do NOT see FaceBook lasting with growth and strength.

    I am perhaps way off and wrong BUT I just don't see it.

    I have NEVER had a "need" for this website nor will I ever.

    This could be part of the problem we face today with our country - the youth of our society are completely "out of touch" with reality, their minds are elsewhere, they are preoccupied, they have no clue with how our government works, they do not follow current events, nor do they know the history of our great country or what is going on within our government, or how to succeed on their own WITHOUT government help - these re all problems.

    The mindless waste of time that is FaceBook will not last.

    All IMHO.....:)

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    • look at today's action - I rest my case....

      the company is fluff...

    • GigGggity !! Gigggity !!

      Glenn Quagmire

    • The young people of Occupy Wall Street are more in touch with reality than the fogies mouthing right wing radio propaganda. They know how the 1% run both Wall Street and the government for the benefit of the 1%.

      The zillions of dollars spend by Federal and State governments go to fill the pockets of the rich. For example, medical programs do not give a singe penny to the masses. The masses may get doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and pills, but they do not receive a single literal penny from the medical programs. The actual money go to doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and stock holders of the drug companies. The bigger the government medical programs, the more the 1% receives. Another example is big defense spending fatten up the pockets of the industrialists. Bridges to nowhere fatten up the pockets of the construction companies.

      The libertarians may say that governments are not needed, but how many of them went to public schools funded by the state/city governments (ie. the taxpayers,) drives on public roads built by the government, eat food shipped on railroad right of way provided by the government, use the Internet, which was initially developed by the government, use computers, which was pioneered by the government (Census department funding Hollerith punch card computers,) live on land west of the Mississippi purchased by the government from France, and on and on.

      Radio propaganda is not reality.

    • They produce revenue using a product they developed. It doesn't matter that you don't use their product.

    • I'm guessing you are white, male and over 65. Fox Noise is your main source for "news". Am I close?

    • A lot of people said this about the internet 15 years ago or so. Facebook itself might not last but the social interaction between people using electronic media will continue to change the world. In some way good and in some ways bad.

    • sure was a lackluster IPO....

      I've seen a lot better....